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Explantation of a 4-Haptic Intraocular Lens Associated with Dense After-Cataract

Ahmad Khalil

to demonstrate surgical difficulties encountered, during explantation of an intraocular lens associated with dense after-cataract

Summary of Content
This case presented with a history of rapid loss of vision few months after undergoing cataract surgery with intraocular lens implantation. There were posterior synechiae and dense after-cataract. Posterior synehiae were severed using A combination of Viscodissection and micro-spatula. Several ways were tried to tackle the after-cataract including viscodissection, irrigation aspiration, sharp dissection using a sistetome to cut the edges of a a phimosed and fibrosed rhexis edge. Thse attempts mostly went in vain. Finally a couple of snips could be cut in the fibrosed rhexis edge using a sharp vanas scissors. Following lengthy trials of irrigation aspiration and visco-maneuvering of after cataract, a glimpse of the red reflex could be finally seen. More snips were made in the rhexis edge in preparation of lens explantation. Finally a haptic could be pulled out, followed by another 3 haptics of a 4 haptic lens. The lens was freed into the anterior chamber and partially cut into halves and explanted out of the eye. Irrigation of central areas of after cataract together with anterior vitrectomy were carried out. A PMMA lens of the same maker got a haptic broken during insertion, and another tougher one was implanted n the sulcus

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after-cataract / intraocular lens / explantation

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