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E-poster/E-video Room (Tokyo International Forum G408/G505, Imperial Hotel 2F Hana)


A New Pupil Dilating Ring with Notches & Flanges, Bhattacharjee Ring

Suven Bhattacharjee

To demonstrate the advantages of Notches and Flanges on a new Pupil Dilating Device.

Summary of Content
Notches and Flanges on a single strand of 5-0 (0.1 mm) nylon, forming a thin single plane device, is a novel concept for pupil dilation. The device overcomes the disadvantages of Malyugin Ring & Oasis Iris Expander like incision snagging, difficult engagement of pupillary margin in gaps or pockets from a top view, insecure engagement, bulky biplanar corners etc. The use of a hexagonal closed ring to dilate the pupil is demonstrated for the first time. The hexagon has geometric advantage over the square in requiring a smaller circumcircle. This implies that between an equal sized hexagon and square, the hexagon will dilate the pupil more. The closed square & hexagon device can be inserted and removed with a 23 G forceps through a 0.9 mm or larger incision. The device is made of thermally treated 5-0 nylon suture, has a very slim joint and is extremely flexible and resilient. The notched corners that engage the pupillary margin are slim and strictly in the same plane of the device and can straighten as they pass through the small incision, causing no snagging. The device provides an easier mechanism to engage the pupil margin that does not require precise alignment of the pupil margin into the narrow wedge shaped gaps or pockets at the sides of the device. While the notches engage the pupil margin, the broad flanges are simply tucked under it. The pupil margin and iris bend as they pass through the notches and above and below the flanges, somewhat like a paper clip. The device not only enlarges the pupil, but also remains securely, yet reversibly fastened to iris tissue so that surgical manipulations do not lead to its disengagement. The flanges of the device lying anterior to the iris reduce its floppiness by restricting the billowing effect. The removal of the device is simple and atraumatic resulting in a pupil, which has its function and cosmetic value well preserved.

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pupil dilating ring / small pupil phaco / non dilating pupil / Bhattacharjee Ring / Malyugin Ring

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