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Traumatic Cataract - Managing Vitreous Prolapse

David Chang

Managing vitreous prolapse is a potential challenge any time phaco is performed for a traumatic cataract. This video highlights key principles regarding prevention, detection, and management of vitreous prolapse through a traumatic zonular dialysis.

Summary of Content
This case of a traumatic cataract with a truncated lens equator demonstrates several pearls regarding the prevention and management of vitreous prolapse. A dispersive OVD can be used to wall of the area of zonular dialysis, and capsule retractors help to prevent further zonular dialysis. Bimanual IA dissociates the infusion and aspiration ports to minimize posterior misdirection of irrigation fluid. Following CTR insertion, sulcus placement of a 3-piece IOL with CCC capture ensures IOL stability and centration. Finally triamcinolone staining reveals occult vitreous prolapse that can be managed with a pars plana anterior vitrectomy to remove and prevent further vitreous prolapse into the AC.

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Triamcinolone / Pars plana anterior vitrectomy / Traumatic cataract / Zonular dialysis

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Consultant AMO (consultant fees donated to Himalayan Cataract Project)

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