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[SC-WE-44] Detection and Management of Fraud and Plagiarism in Ophthalmic Publications
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Apr 02 (Wed)
10:30 - 12:00
Room 16 - Tokyo International Forum 4F G409
Evidence Based Ophthalmology


Detection and Management of Fraud and Plagiarism in Ophthalmic Publications

Mohammad Reza Khalili Reza Gharebaghi Fatemeh Heidary Abolfazl Rahimi Tarek Ibrahim

To explain the strategies in detection of science misconduct in the field of ophthalmology and visual sciences, the preventive issues and the possible management.

Summary of Content/Synopsis of the course
According to the Nature Journal, "many people in science would rather not talk about the problem of research misconduct, much less act on it. It is much easier to shuffle miscreants out of the side door with vague references and a promise of silence, effectively pushing the problem somewhere else, and onto someone else" . Although majority of researchers are typically truthful and knowledgeable people, it is necessary to find out the preventive and management strategies in science misconduct. The course will focus on the available guidelines of Committee of Publication Ethics (COPE) as well as WAME (World Association of Medical Editors) in detection and management of fraud and plagiarism in the field of medical journalism with the examples in ophthalmic publications.

Target Audience
General Ophthalmologists

Educational Level
Intermediate and Advanced

[ Keyword ]
Science misconduct / Fraud and plagiarism / Ophthalmic publication

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