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[SC-WE-01] Controversies and Advances in the Management of Pediatric Congenital Ptosis
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Apr 02 (Wed)
08:30 - 10:00
Room 2 - Tokyo International Forum 4,5F Hall C
Oculoplastics, Lacrimal System and Orbit


Controversies and Advances in the Management of Pediatric Congenital Ptosis

Cat Burkat Jane Olver Suzanne Freitag Andrew Harrison

Presented by a panel of oculoplastic, pediatric, and pediatric oculoplastic surgeons, this course will combine:
1. short lectures on controversial topics presented by both a pediatric and oculoplastic surgeon for differing viewpoints, and
2. pertinent case presentations with discussion between the audience and panelists from all fields.
Topics include congenital ptosis, Marcus-Gunn ptosis, timing and unilateral vs. bilateral repair, technique, and material choice.
Techniques discussed include levator resection, tarsal resection, frontalis suspension, and even conjunctivomullerectomy for congenital ptosis. Congenital ptosis is often more challenging than adult ptosis with considerations such as amblyopia, strabismus, difficult exam, and what age surgery should be performed. Jaw-winking ptosis also raises additional questions of which surgical procedure should be performed and whether unilateral or bilateral surgery is necessary.

This course aims to provide interactive discussion amongst these different subspecialties regarding care of these common, but challenging cases.

Summary of Content/Synopsis of the course
Outline- Short lectures by individual surgeons on varying topics to stimulate controversy:
I. Pediatric Ptosis
  Congenital ptosis, poor levator function
  Marcus Gunn ptosis
  Ptosis syndromes, blepharophimosis
II. Congenital Ptosis considerations
III. Congenital Ptosis Surgery
  A. Exam findings to determine the appropriate surgery: MRD, levator function, lagophthalmos, Bell phenomenon, synkinesis, spontaneous forehead recruitment, amblyopia, strabismus, laterality
  B. Main options for surgery presented by different speakers: frontalis suspension approaches, levator resection, levator advancement, tarsal resection.
Is posterior conjunctivomullerectomy a good option for congenital ptosis?
  C. Controversies regarding unilateral or bilateral surgery, technique, levator extirpation
  D. Special considerations such as telecanthus and epicanthus in blepharophimosis

Short case presentations of patients, with audience interaction and discussion of management.

Target Audience
Target audience encompasses physicians from multiple groups to stimulate differing viewpoints and opinions, including general ophthalmologists, pediatric ophthalmology, and oculoplastic surgeons

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congenital ptosis, levator resection, frontalis sling, conjunctivomullerectomy, Marcus-Gunn jaw-winking, poor levator function

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