How to Use the System

New registration

Start by creating a login ID with which to register and edit your schedule. To create a new account, follow the instructions for "New account registration" on the top page. After logging in, click on an individual presentation to register it in your schedule. Presentations that have already been registered are shown as , and clicking this button removes their registration. Click the ALL ON/ALL OFF button to register all the presentations in a session or remove all their registrations at once.

Account registration

If you are using this system for the first time (not yet registered), go to the "New account registration (for people who have not yet registered)" section on the top page, input your email address, agree with the terms and conditions of use, and click Register. You will be taken automatically to the login screen, where you will be able to search the program of abstracts and use the schedule function.
Only one account can be registered per email address.
You have the option of inputting the email address of your mobile phone to receive emails on the day informing you that registered sessions are about to start (you can register and edit this email address after logging in).
*If you have already created an account, input your email address in the login field at the top right to log in.

at a Glance

Use the "at a Glance" tab to display the timetable. You can switch between timetables for different days by clicking on the appropriate tab below.
Clicking a particular session block takes you to the page with information on that session.

Search sessions

Use the Search Sessions tab to display a list of sessions. Use the tabs for each day to list the sessions given on that day.
More detailed searches can be performed by selecting or inputting conditions in the Session Search section on the right.
Click the Details button to register the session displayed in the center in your schedule, or to view more information (list of presentations).

Search presentations

Use the Search Presentations tab to display a list of presentations.
More detailed searches can be performed by selecting or inputting conditions in the Presentation Search section on the right.
Click the Abstract button to view detailed information (the abstract) for each presentation displayed in the center.
*Abstract information may not be visible for all conferences.

Session/Presentation registration

Registration of a session or presentation in your personal schedule is configured by using the / button at the side of the list of presentations. If the button is displayed as (red), that presentation has been registered in your schedule. If it is displayed as (gray), it has not been registered. To register or remove all the presentations in a session at once, click the ALL ON/ALL OFF button.

Checking your schedule

Use the My Schedule tab to check your personal schedule (registered sessions and presentations).
To remove registered presentations from your schedule, click the button.
To receive emails on the day of the conference alerting you to the start of registered sessions, input your mobile phone email address into the email address field and set the alert button for that session block to ON (red).
*Alerts can only be set for sessions as a whole.