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The overarching aim of this symposium is to bring together different organizational aspects (i.e. leadership/ followership, emotional contagion, workspace design, and ageism in organization) and understand how these aspects influence employees' well-being in the workplace. There will be four papers in this session; two theoretical papers that are led by Dr Eugene Y.J. Tee and Dr Cameron Teoh respectively, and two empirical papers. The empirical papers are a collaborative effort of researchers from Malaysia (Dr Eugene Y.J. Tee, Mr TamilSelvan Ramis, Dr Yin Lu Ng), a researcher from Australia (Dr Neil Paulsen), and researchers from Turkey (Dr Justin Marcus and Dr Barbara Ann Fritzsche). In addition to reaching the goal of improving employees' well-being, these four papers aim to contribute to the advancement of industrial/organizational research in the international arena through cross-national research collaboration.
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