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Personality profile in mental health patients

[Speaker] Gomà-i-freixanet, Montserrat:1
[Co-author] Martinez, Yolanda:1,2
1:Autonomous University of Barcelona, Spain (Spain), 2:Althaia, Xarxa Assistencial i Universitària de Manresa (Spain)

Analysis of Personal Factors according to Rural Voters Behavior in Western China

[Speaker] Zhu, Jinwei:1
1:shaanxi xueqian normal university (China (People's Republic of China))

Conscience and aggression behavior of college students: moderating effect of parenting style

[Speaker] Yang, Zhongping:1
[Co-author] He, Mingyuan:1, Zeng, Lianping:1,2
1:Guizhou Normal University (China (People's Republic of China)), 2:Guizhou General Colleges Key Laboratory of Fundamental Psychology and Cognitive Neruroscience (China (People's Republic of China))

Assessing the Current Sense of Personal Growth among Japanese Middle School Children

[Speaker] Iimura, Shuhei:1
[Co-author] Taku, Kanako:2
1:Graduate School of Letters, Chuo University (Japan), 2:Department of Psychology, Oakland University (United States of America)

Exploring the Girt personality between high school students and ISEF participants in Taiwan

[Speaker] Lin, Cheli S:1
1:National Academy for Educational Research, Taiwan (Taiwan)

Effects of physical exercise on subjective well-being: the mediating role of Mental Elasticity----a case study of middle-aged college teachers in Guizhou Province

[Speaker] Ba, Yiming:1
1:Guizhou Minzu University (China (People's Republic of China))

Association between frequency of being emotionally moved and evaluation of narrative advertising.

[Speaker] Tsumura, Masayuki:1
[Co-author] Kato, Juri:2
1:Kyushu Sangyo University (Japan), 2:Hitotsubashi University (Japan)

Addiction among adolescence: the role of Emotional Competence

[Speaker] Oskenbay, Fariza:1
[Co-author] Tolegenova, Aliya:1, Jakupov, Maksat:1, Zholdassova, Manzura:1, Tunguskova, Dariya:1, Akazhanova, Alma:2
1:al-farabi Kazakh National University (Kazakhstan), 2:Abay Kazakh Pedagogical University (Kazakhstan)


[Speaker] Huan, Hu:1
[Co-author] Xiang Ping, Liu:1, Gong Rui, Lan:2
1:Beijing Normal University (China (People's Republic of China)), 2:Qingdao University (China (People's Republic of China))

The Influence of Parents to the Justice Sensitivity of College Students

[Speaker] Lyu, Yong:1
[Co-author] Zhang, Jie:1
1:Tianjin Normal University (China (People's Republic of China))

Effects of prior experience of pain on empathic feelings for painful pictures with measuring physiological indices.

[Speaker] Murase, Ayaka:1
[Co-author] Imai, Akira:1
1:Shinshu University (Japan)

A Study on Values of Arts Undergraduate Students and Educational Strategy

[Speaker] Gao, Zhaoxia:1
1:China Conservatory (China (People's Republic of China))

The Sense of Self-Efficacy Research on Junior High School Students of Different Temperament Types

[Speaker] He, Mingyuan:1
[Co-author] Yang, Zhongping:1, Zhao, Shouying:1,2, Zeng, Lianping:1,2
1:School of Educational Science, Guizhou Normal University (China (People's Republic of China)), 2:Guizhou General Colleges Key Laboratory of Fundamental Psychology and Cognitive Neruroscience (China (People's Republic of China))

Exploring the Effects of Gender and Urban or Rural Origination on Stereotypes of Shyness

[Speaker] Bolinao, Andre Marcel G:1
[Co-author] San Miguel, Maria Emelyn P:1, Abarro, Dominni Jermond M:1, Liao, Joseph Dominic S:1
1:University of the Philippines, Diliman (Philippines)

Birth order effects on personality. Is it real or not real?

[Speaker] Takaki, Noriko:1
1:Osaka Aoyama University (Japan)

Worry is predicted by cognitive flexibility and attentional control in a non-clinical sample of adolescents

[Speaker] Rodríguez Corcelles, Lydia C:1,2
[Co-author] De Jesús Romero, Robinson A.:1,2, Rodríguez Hernández, Valerie N:1,2, Joyner Bizama, Allison B:1,2, Avilés Font, Mariela:1,2, Acevedo Molina, Mónica C:1,2, Díaz, Paulina G:1,2, Tirado Santiago, Giovanni:1,2
1:University of Puerto Rico (Puerto Rico), 2:Institute for Psychological Research (Puerto Rico)

The investigation of the relationship between A/B personality and phychological harmony among ethnic college students of Yunnan in China.

[Speaker] Xiao, Xuesen:1
[Co-author] Zhang, Risheng:1
1:Beijing Normal Unversity Department of Psychology (China (People's Republic of China))

The Relationship of Humor Styles and Psychological Well-being

[Speaker] Takaoka, Shino:1
[Co-author] Tanaka-matsumi, Junko:1
1:Kwansei Gakuin University (Japan)

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