Rapid Communication

Wisdom Theory of Integrating Cleverness with Morality: Background, Core Views and Prospects

[Speaker] Wang, Fengyan:1
1:Nanjing Normal University (China (People's Republic of China))

Bayesian liner model for partial missing experience sampling method data: pain variability in healthy university students

[Speaker] Sakamoto, Jiro:1
[Co-author] Somatori, Keita:1, Kunisato, Yoshihiko:2
1:Graduate School of Literature, Senshu University (Japan), 2:Department of Psychology, School of Human Science, Senshu University (Japan)

On Ebbinghaus's forgetting curve and its model function

[Speaker] Fukami, Takehiko:1
1:none (Japan)

Examining Response Patterns and Completion Times to Detect Invalid Responses to MTurk Surveys: An Example Using Traffic Psychology Surveys

[Speaker] Stanislaw, Harold:1
1:California State Univ, Stanislaus (United States of America)

Emotional Capital, Mindfullness & Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT): Toward Happiness and and Economics of Happiness

[Speaker] Benedicte, Gendron:1
1:Paul Valery University, Montpellier 3 (France)

Evaluation of auditory timing accuracy with Expyriment on MacOS

[Speaker] Tachibana, Ryo:1,2
[Co-author] Niikuni, Keiyu:1, Muramoto, Toshiaki:1
1:TOHOKU UNIVERSITY (Japan), 2:Japan Society for the Promotion of Science (Japan)

Origin-shifted principal component analysis: A method suitable for reconstructing non-negative data

[Speaker] Kishida, Takuya:1
[Co-author] Nakao, Kanshi:1, Nakajima, Yoshitaka:2
1:Graduate School of Design, Kyushu University (Japan), 2:Department of Human Science/ Research Center for Applied Perceptual Science, Kyushu University (Japan)

Development of Computerized Test for High Level Cognitive Processes in Science Learning

[Speaker] Chen, Po-hsi:1
[Co-author] Chang, Kuo- Feng:1, Lin, Chia-yi:1, Su, Shao-zu:1
1:National Taiwan Normal University (Taiwan)

Hypothesis and Algorithms of Two Novel Rating Scale Methods Applying Extended Fuzzy Logic: The FCR-method and The IR-method

[Speaker] Oda, Tetsuhisa:1
1:Aichi Institute of Technology (Japan)

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