Belonging support matters more for well-being in interdependent contexts

[Speaker] Bowen, Kimberly S:1,2,3
[Co-author] Uchida, Yukiko:2
1:The University of Utah (United States of America), 2:Kyoto University Kokoro Research Center (Japan), 3:The Ohio State University (United States of America)

Intimate Relationship on Indonesian Young Adult Fujoshi (A Preliminary Study)

[Speaker] Wardanie, Fithria:1
[Co-author] Astrini, Retno A:1, Sinaga, Yuni Priska P:1
1:Airlangga University (Indonesia)

Examining Modesty within a Cultural Context: Sandbagging, the Honesty-Humility Trait, Self-Esteem, and Psychological Well-Being in Malaysia

[Speaker] Ng, Ying Ying:1
[Co-author] Park, Miriam Sang-ah:1
1:Monash University Malaysia (Malaysia)

Reconsidering cultural competence development as a narrative of complex movements: Insights from an investigation into the Australian Indigenous mental health arena.

[Speaker] Garvey, Darren C:1
1:Curtin University (Australia)

Criteria for belonging to a national group according to Americans, Britons and Poles: differences and similarities from open-ended questions

[Speaker] Hamer, Katarzyna:1
[Co-author] Luzniak-piecha, Magdalena:2, Mcfarland, Sam:3, Czarnecka, Barbara:4
1:Institute of Psychology Polish Academy of Sciences (Poland), 2:Department of Psychology, Warsaw Management University (Poland), 3:Department of Psychology, Western Kentucky University (United States of America), 4:Centre for Advances in Marketing, University of Bedfordshire (United Kingdom)

Confronting Underlying Issues of Racism and Other Prejudices for Effective Intercultural Communication

[Speaker] Velasco, Daniel:1
1:Yamanashi Gakuin University / The Chicago School of Professional Psychology (Japan)

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