A review of the applications of factor analysis in psychological research

[Speaker] Kwan, Ernest:1
[Co-author] Lu, Irene R. R:1
1:Carleton University (Canada)

Inter-Item Distance Changes Factor Correlations? A Test of Consistency Tendency Effect on a Psychology Survey

[Speaker] Chan, Derwin King Chung:1
1:University of Hong Kong (Hong Kong)

Perseverance Counts but Consistency Does Not! Validating the Short Grit Scale in a Collectivist Setting

[Speaker] King, Ronnel B:1
[Co-author] Datu, Jesus Alfonso D:2, Valdez, Jana Patricia M:3
1:The Hong Kong Institute of Education (Hong Kong), 2:The University of Hong Kong (Hong Kong), 3:De La Salle University (Philippines)

A Relational and Transactional Approach in Understanding Human Psychology with Semiotic Mediated Action

[Speaker] Yamagata - Lynch, Lisa C:1
[Co-author] Skutnik, Anne L:1, Do, Jaewoo:1
1:University of Tenessee (United States of America)

VS: A R-based program for the analysis of conditional path models

[Speaker] Kwan, Joyce Lok Yin:1
[Co-author] Chan, Wai:2, Ng, Jacky Chi Kit:2, Choi, Cherry Yik Ting:2
1:The Hong Kong Institute of Education (Hong Kong), 2:The Chinese University of Hong Kong (Hong Kong)

Whom Do Respondents Think Of When Answering an Interpersonal Personality Scale? The Effect of Specifying a Significant Versus General Other on Scale Reliability

[Speaker] Del Pilar, Gregorio E. H:1
[Co-author] Abog, Karyl Christine A:1, Teves, Miguel Enrico P:1
1:University of the Philippines Diliman (Philippines)

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