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Perceiving the passage of time is fundamental for our everyday activities, such as playing sports, enjoying music, and having a conversation. Time cannot be perceived directly, and must be reconstructed in the brain from pieces of information obtained through various sensory organs. The present symposium will consist of a short introduction by Simon Grondin (Laval University, Canada) and four talks given by Emi Hasuo (Aoyama Gakuin University), Tsuyoshi Kuroda (Shizuoka University), Takako Mitsudo (Kyushu University), and Giovanna Mioni (University of Padova, Italy), followed by a discussion session by Yoshitaka Nakajima and Shozo Tobimatsu (Kyushu University). We will cover topics in time perception from basic psychophysical studies (Hasuo and Kuroda) to electrophysiological studies (Mitsudo) and clinical studies with patients (Mioni), and show how using simple stimulus patterns and observing the behavioral and/or neural responses to them carefully can reveal how the brain processes temporal information.
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