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Psychology leads for the first time in history the development of WHO's Diagnostic Classification of Mental & Behavioral Disorders. ICD-11 is due for release in 2018. Psychologists of 21st century are in increasing number of countries at the frontline of assessment, diagnostics and treatment of mental and behavioral disorders. Reasons: A. Psychology contains methods for resolution of core mental health objectives, elevating specificity, efficacy & quality of mental health care. B. Politicians and health care authorities acknowledge mental health care as key in elevating health, societal functioning and economy. C. Receding number of psychiatrists. Advancements position specialized psychologists with authorities in clinical practice and organization equalizing psychiatrists e.g. in Scandinavia and the U.S. The momentum for psychology is unprecedented. This symposium highlights: Political process and progress of psychology's advancement. Clinical utility of ICD-11's new structure and diagnostic definitions. Relationships between diagnostics and treatment. Opportunities and Risks in Psychology's global momentum.
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