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There frequently is a disconnect between what is taught in classes by research faculty and what is taught in clinical training. We will present an integrative model of Systematic Treatment Selection (STS) and 8 empirically driven clinical principles in order to incorporate this gap and to enhance outcome of psychotherapy. The 8 core principles that we apply to supervisory training were selected from a larger list of principles (e.g., Beutler, Clarkin, & Bongar, 2000; Castonguay & Beutler, 2006; Constantino, Castonguay, & Beutler, in press) and will be taught systematically in training. These principles were selected because they were the most robust and best researched of those extracted from contemporary research. This symposium demonstrates history and development of STS, these 8 principles in clinical applications as supervision training. More importantly, the STS researchers in Taiwan demonstrate cross-cultural considerations and suggestions with Larry E. Beutler, Li-fei Wang, & Hsin-Jung Chen.
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