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This symposium will examine current practice in psychological care for older adults and consider harmony through diversity by looking at the similarities, differences, opportunities, dilemmas and most importantly good practice in working with elders/ older adults across cultures in three countries/continents (Uganda, USA and Britain). In addition to differing arrangements within each country, there may be a variety of cultures, religions, languages, contexts and health-seeking behaviours about the care of older adults within each country. It is hoped that through learning about good practice in different countries, that practice internationally might be reconsidered and enhanced. Whilst research shows that those who take on the role of carer/caregiver for older adults often have their own needs ignored, how this might be addressed will be explored in this symposium as will working with interpreters and cultural brokers when a language and culture is not shared by a psychologist, older adult and/or carer/caregiver.
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