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The role of family environment in the development and expression of high intellectual/creative potential is an internationally important issue. Studies in France, China and Thailand have explored this issue in low SES children (Socio-Economical Status assessed on parents' profession and levels of education) with high intellectual potential (assessed by the WISC-4 IQ) compared to non-high intellectual potential children. Creativity is also considered using a creativity test (EPoC).

The objectives of this line of work are to examine:
1) Parental representation of success for their children (academic performance/achievement and success in future life);
2) Role of family physical environment including the availability of books and newspapers;
3) Positive effects of parents reading/telling stories very early (from the first months of life) on their children, possibly favoring the child's development and investment in the verbal language domain.

The findings will be presented and discussed through a comparative transcultural approach.
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