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Dolphins are known to form complex fission-fusion type of societies. To maintain such society, dolphins need to develop various behaviors and social-cognitive skills. In this session, we introduce such cognitive and behavioral studies. Dolphins use various type of sounds for communication. Several dolphins have individually distinctive "signature whistles", which refer to "Individual Identification" information like our names. Dr. Janik will present the "signature whistle" studies. Ms. Mishima will present another call type in beluga as an individual identification call. Dolphins also maintain social relationships among group members by social behaviors. Dr. Sakai will introduce several behaviors, such as flipper-to-body rubbing behavior and synchronous breathing, as an affiliative behavior. Ms. Yamamoto will present post-conflict management in dolphins. Finally, two young researchers (Ms. Sakakibara & Ms. Tajima) will present their ongoing behavioral studies of wild dolphins. Two discussant will provide the theme of discussion about social cognition and behavior in dolphins.
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