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In recent years, the development of fairness in infants and children has become a hot issue. Considerable research have been conducted, covering children's knowledge of equity and tendency to distribute resources equitably. This symposium aims to examine the development of fairness in infants and children and as well as factors that influence fairness development. The results of these papers showed that: (1) 2~3 years old Children already possessed equity sensitivity; (2) 3~5 years old children's distributive justice behavior increases with age and is influenced by participants' involvement degree in the distribution and theory of mind; (3) 5~6 years old children's inequity aversion shows the age-related difference and is affected by empathy; (4) 3~8 years old children's fairness development includes overcoming initial social comparison bias; (5) socio-moral concerns are experientially are experientially influenced, and developmental changes and individual differences in fairness concerns.
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