The situation where preschool children lie: In terms of questioner and peeking status

[Speaker] Sanefuji, Wakako:1
[Co-author] Nagatoshi, Ayaka:1
1:Kyushu University (Japan)

Age differences in childrens judgement of bilateral violations of conditional promises

[Speaker] Chin, Jui-chih:1
[Co-author] Lin, Miao-hui:2
1:University of Taipei (Taiwan), 2:National University of Tainan (Taiwan)

Menarche and Interest in Infants among Japanese schoolgirls

[Speaker] Hinobayashi, Toshihiko:1
[Co-author] Shimizu, Mayuko K:1, Kanazawa, Tadahiro:1, Minami, Tetsuhiro:2, Itoigawa, Naosuke:3
1:Osaka University (Japan), 2:Osaka Seikei College (Japan), 3:Mukogawa Women's University (Japan)

The Development of three-dimensional attention as Measured by the Test of Everyday Attention for Children (TEA-Ch): A Longitudinal Study from Grade 1 to Grade 4

[Speaker] Zhou, Hui:1
[Co-author] Yan, Chao:1, Wei, Wei:1, Deng, Ciping:1
1:East China Normal University (China (People's Republic of China))

The Relation Between Adolescent Socio-emotinal Problems and Life History Strategy: From a Japanese Large Scale Survey.

[Speaker] Sugiyama, Hiroshi:1

Feeding in small group care: A focus on caregiver behaviors in a Japanese infant home

[Speaker] Otsuka, Miyuki:1
[Co-author] Aoki, Kikuyo:1, Shimada, Kyoko:2, Yokoyama, Ryoko:2, Kurogi, Saki:1
1:Ochanomizu University (Japan), 2:Shirayuri Baby Home, Shinseikai (Japan)

How Five-year-old Children's Response Sequence Patterns Change During Their Class Discussion Time

[Speaker] Lu, Xiaoyun:1
1:Graduate School of Education, University of Tokyo (Japan)

Identity styles changes over one year in adolescence: age and gender differences

[Speaker] Malinauskiene, Oksana:1
[Co-author] Zukauskiene, Rita:1, Kaniusonyte, Goda:1
1:Mykolas Romeris university (Lithuania)

How does Video Game Experience in Early Childhood Affect Attitude and Fatigue Related to Portable 3D Game Machines?

[Speaker] Takaoka, Masako A:1
[Co-author] Ashida, Hiroshi:1
1:University (Japan)

Observation of Responsive Interactions between Children and Childcare Workers at Japanese Kindergartens

[Speaker] Kawasaki, Tokuko:1
1:Yamaguchi University (Japan)

Rational imitation in infancy is different from that in childhood

[Speaker] Taniguchi, Yuuki:1
[Co-author] Sanefuji, Wakako:1
1:Kyushu University (Japan)

Social Development of Young Children with Externalizing Behavior Problems (1):Characteristic of the Emotional Development

[Speaker] Hongo, Kazuo:1
[Co-author] Iijima, Noriko:2, Takahashi, Chie:3, Koizumi, Yoshiko:4, Hirakawa, Kumiko:5, Kamiya, Tetsuji:1
1:Tohoku University (Japan), 2:Seiwa Gakuen College (Japan), 3:Tottori University (Japan), 4:Shokei Gakuin University (Japan), 5:Ishinomaki Senshu University (Japan)

Mothers' Motivation for Child-Rearing Investigated Using the free description method

[Speaker] Tachibana, Haruna:1
[Co-author] Nakashima, Naoko:2, Matsumoto, Mayuko:3, Kobayashi, Sachiko:4, Matsuoka, Mirei:5, Sugimoto, Hideharu:6, Hayamizu, Toshihiko:6
1:Nagoya University (Japan), 2:Sugiyama Jogakuen University (Japan), 3:Kobe Shinwa Women's University (Japan), 4:Ogaki Women's College (Japan), 5:Aichi Gakuin University (Japan), 6:Chubu University (Japan)

Longitudinal changes of global self-worth and lifestyle during early adolescence in Japan

[Speaker] Yamamoto, Chika:1
1:College of Nagoya Bunri University (Japan)

Loneliness, Friendship Quality and Motivation in Childhood and Adolescence

[Speaker] Nakajima, Takahiro:1
[Co-author] Nagata, Masako:2
1:Nagoya University (Japan), 2:Nagoya University Psychological Support & Research Center for Human Development (Japan)

How Does Child-Rearing Thoughts and Feelings Change ? : A Comparison among generations.

[Speaker] Kuwabara, Chiaki:1
[Co-author] Ide, Yukako:1

Relation among Number Reading, Number Writing, and Number-related Tasks in Pre-school Children

[Speaker] Koike, Wakaba:1
[Co-author] Yamagata, Kyoko:2
1:Kyoto Women's University (Japan), 2:Kyoto Notre Dame University (Japan)

The young women career development process who left workplace within three years after entering the company.

[Speaker] Oi, Hazuki:1
1:The university of Tokyo (Japan)

Cognitive mechanism underlying the relationship between rapid automatized naming and reading: A longitudinal study on bilingual childre

[Speaker] Yeung, Susanna:1
1:The Hong Kong Institute of Education (Hong Kong)

Mother-Child Attachment Styles and Adjustment in Adolescence

[Speaker] Allard, Cami R:1
1:Alliant International University (United States of America)

Experimental Research on Cognitive Categorization in College Students with Different Hoarding Behavior Level

[Speaker] Liu, Meng:1
[Co-author] Fu, Liping:2
1:Jianghan Art Vocational College (China (People's Republic of China)), 2:Guizhou Normal University (China (People's Republic of China))

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