What Affects my Values?: Power and Reference Group and their Relationship with Moral Reasoning

[Speaker] Esperanza, Maria Mikaela S:1
[Co-author] Patricio, Ruth D:1, Ferido, Julia Isabelle G:1, Pagana, Josaine Anelle B:1
1:De La Salle University (Philippines)

Trust Depends on Warmth, but Respect not Always Depends on Competence

[Speaker] Dai, Taotao:1
[Co-author] Suo, Yvxian:2, Zuo, Bin:1
1:Central China Normal University (China (People's Republic of China)), 2:Wuhan NO. 3 Boarding School (China (People's Republic of China))

Pupillary response to facial stimuli varying in familiarity and similarity with the self-face

[Speaker] Herte, Katharina:1
[Co-author] Wendler, Hannes:1, Sachse, Pierre:1, Maran, Thomas:1
1:University of Innsbruck (Austria)

The spatial self and other

[Speaker] Ding, Xianfeng:1
[Co-author] Xu, Xiao:2, Li, Zhongshu:1, Cheng, Xiaorong:1, Fan, Zhao:1
1:School of Psychology, Central China Normal University (China (People's Republic of China)), 2:Department of Educational Psychology, The Chinese University of Hong Kong (China (People's Republic of China))

The affective consequences of repeated selective attention and inhibition

[Speaker] Yamazaki, Mizuki:1
1:Tokyo City University (Japan)

Does mindset priming affect the use of strategies in a signal detection task?

[Speaker] Matsuzaki, Keisuke:1
[Co-author] Numazaki, Makoto:1
1:Tokyo Metropolitan Universiity (Japan)

Do people learn social rules like children learn grammars?: Experimental tests of learning algorithms in the domain of social norms.

[Speaker] Kita, Toshimasa:1
[Co-author] Takezawa, Masanori:1
1:Hokkaido University (Japan)

The Effect of a Future-Oriented Question on Participants in Gaming Simulations

[Speaker] Nakamura, Mieko:1
1:Ryutsu Keizai University (Japan)

Development of an announcement training program for railway operatives as an adaptive expert support tool

[Speaker] Yamauchi, Kana:1
[Co-author] Kikuchi, Fumitoshi:1
1:Railway Technical Research Institute (Japan)

Middle school students' beliefs about effort and their attitudes toward struggling learners

[Speaker] Chen, Shun-wen:1
1:National Tsing Hua university (Taiwan)

Pursuit of Equity or Control of Pork Barrel? Laboratory Experiment in Real and Hypothetical Public Money Allocation

[Speaker] Houdek, Petr:1,2,3
[Co-author] Vranka, Marek A:1,2,4
1:University of Economics in Prague (Czech Republic), 2:Center for Behavioral Experiments (CEBEX), Prague (Czech Republic), 3:Faculty of Social and Economic Studies, J. E. Purkyne University, Usti nad Labem (Czech Republic), 4:Faculty of Social Sciences, Charles University in Prague (Czech Republic)

Career Decision-making for Teaching Profession and Interpersonally Motivated Experience

[Speaker] Wakamatsu, Yosuke:1
1:Shiga University (Japan)

Development of the Difficulty with Trivial Decision-making scale: Its psychometric properties and relationship with emotional variables

[Speaker] Choi, Yi Seul:1
[Co-author] Hwang, Samuel S:1
1:Chonnam national university in South Korea (Korea(Republic of Korea))

Accuracy versus defense-motivated dyadic argumentation regarding capital punishment

[Speaker] Yoshida, Takuya:1
1:Gifu Shotoku Gakuen University (Japan)

Effects of Intuition and Deliberation on Escape Judgement and Decision-Making Under Different Complexity of Conditions

[Speaker] Li, Hong:1
1:Tsinghua University (China (People's Republic of China))

Regulatory focus and in-group silence

[Speaker] Tarui, Konomi:1
[Co-author] Igarashi, Tasuku:1
1:Nagoya University (Japan)

Trust and gender: The impact of social value orientation and control on men's strategic behavior in the Trust Game

[Speaker] Inoue, Yumi:1
[Co-author] Akutsu, Satoshi:2, Katsumura, Fumiaki:2, Yamagishi, Toshio:2
1:Postdoctoral Research Fellow of JSPS, Waseda University (Japan), 2:Hitotsubashi University (Japan)

Beyond Good and Evil: The Role of Personal Identity and Beliefs on Moral Behaviour

[Speaker] Rossi, Julian V:1
[Co-author] De La Piedad Garcia, Xochitl:1, Ferguson, Rose:1
1:Australian Catholic University (Australia)

The Influence of Affiliation Motivation on Shared Mental Model in Group Decision Making

[Speaker] Ye, Junhui:1
[Co-author] Zhao, Lei:2
1:Zhejiang Police College (China (People's Republic of China)), 2:Zhejiang University of Technology (China (People's Republic of China))

Ease-of-Retrieval Effects on Procedural Justice Judgments Under Conditions of Informational

[Speaker] Liang, Juan:1
[Co-author] Ma, Hongyu:1
1:School of Psychology, Central China Normal University (China (People's Republic of China))

Who tweets negative things about themselves? Effects of self-esteem and reassurance seeking on the tweets in the twitter

[Speaker] Hasegawa, Koji:1
1:Shinshu University (Japan)

The psychological analysis of respondents' attitude towards Kazakh language.

[Speaker] Abdirakhmanova, Yadykar:1
[Co-author] Kabekenov, Gabit:2, Kakpanbayeva, Nuraina:3, Akhmediyeva, Kulmariya:4, Abdiraimova, Elmira:5, Tlenbayeva, Aisha:6, Aymaganbetova, Olga:7, Naurzalina, Danna:1
1:Turan University (Kazakhstan), 2:CSUTE named after S. Yesenov (Kazakhstan), 3:Atyrau Engineering-Humanitarian Institute (Kazakhstan), 4:ZhSUnamed after I.Zhansugurov (Kazakhstan), 5:Makhambet Utemisov WKSU (Kazakhstan), 6:KazNAU (Kazakhstan), 7:al-Farabi KazNU (Kazakhstan)

Maternal parenting behavior and neural emotion processing in adolescents

[Speaker] Romund, Lydia:1
[Co-author] Raufelder, Diana:2, Flemming, Eva:1, Lorenz, Robert C:1, Pelz, Patricia:1, Gleich, Tobias:1, Heinz, Andreas:1, Beck, Anne:1
1:Charité - Universitätsmedizin Berlin, Klinik für Psychiatrie und Psychotherapie, CCM (Germany), 2:Freie Universität Berlin, Department of Educational Science and Psychology (Germany)

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