Relationship between Perceived Organizational Support (POS) and Organizational Commitment of Government Employee

[Speaker] Gupyta, Chandra:1
[Co-author] Rahmani, Noor S:1
1:Universitas Gadjah Mada (UGM) (Indonesia)

The Effect of Training to develop Attitude for the Appropriate Media Consumption of Grade7 Students

[Speaker] Srakawee, Kedkun:1

Expatriate career commitment and cross-cultural adjustment among self-initiated Taiwanese expatriates

[Speaker] Wu, Hsin-pei:1
[Co-author] Chi, Jui-lan:1, Chi, Jui-ting:1, Wang, Ming-hsien:1, Chang, Ting-ting:2
1:Asia University (Taiwan), 2:Lunghwa University of Science and Technology (Taiwan)

The research Interaction of combination with three kinds of stress during riding elevators to Memories of Digital Signage displayed information at elevators.

[Speaker] Morinaga, Kyoko:1
[Co-author] Sano, Tatsuhiro:2, Nagata, Takeshi:3
1:The University of Kitakyushu (Japan), 2:FREE SHINE Co., Ltd, Japan (Japan), 3:The Ph.D. Program in Human Biology, University of Tsukuba (Japan)

How and When Does Abusive Supervision Damage Service Performance? The Perspective of Self-regulation Impairment

[Speaker] Wu, Tsung-yu:1
[Co-author] Gan, Ya-ling:2, Liao, Hung-yi:4, Yang, Chun-chi:3, Cheng, Bor-shiuan:1
1:National Taiwan University (Taiwan), 2:National Taiwan University of Science and Technology (Taiwan), 3:Fu Jen Catholic University (Taiwan), 4:Xiamen University Tan Kah Kee College (Taiwan)

Assessment Design for Corporate Training Programs

[Speaker] Lu, Jiafang:1
[Co-author] Bryant, Darren:1
1:Hong Kong Institute of Education (Hong Kong)

The relationships between work stressors and work engagement: The moderating role of job control among Japanese employees.

[Speaker] Araki, Tsuyoshi:1
1:ADVANTAGE Risk Management Co., Ltd. (Japan)

Coworkers Embeddedness Effects: A Multilevel Analysis of the relationship during Work Motives, on-the-Job Embeddedness, and Turnover

[Speaker] Yang, Chun-chi:1
[Co-author] Jehng, Jihn-chang:2, You, Ya-ting:2, Ann, Bao-yi:3
1:Fu Jen University (Taiwan), 2:National Central University (Taiwan), 3:China University of Technology (Taiwan)

The Effect of Servant Leadership and Employee Service Performance: When and How

[Speaker] Xu, Haoying:1
[Co-author] Wang, Zhen:1
1:Central University of Finance and Economics (China (People's Republic of China))

Conversation decreases violations in work environments without monitoring

[Speaker] Kitamura, Yasuhiro:1
1:Railway Technical Research Institute (Japan)

Does Social Identity Alignment Affect Investor's approval

[Speaker] Yang, Yu Hong:1
[Co-author] Ni, Ning:2
1:Shanghai Lixin University of Commerce (China (People's Republic of China)), 2:Shanghai Normal University (China (People's Republic of China))

The Mediation Effect of Learning Goal Orientation on the Relationship Between Grit and Job Crafting.

[Speaker] Jung, Hyun:1
[Co-author] Jang, Sungbae:1, Tak, Jinkook:1
1:Kwangwoon University (Korea(Republic of Korea))

Leadership and Psychological Well-Being in Organisational Contexts: a systematic review

[Speaker] Aguilar, María Constanza:1
1:Universidad Santo Tomás (Colombia)

Career Exploration and "Reality Shock to Learning in a University" on Undergraduate Students: Studying the relationship using goodness-of- fit hypothesis

[Speaker] Yazaki, Yumiko:1
1:Nihon-Fukushi University (Japan)

Psychological Contract Breach, Organizational Disidentification and Employees' Unethical Behaviors: The Moderating Role of Organizational Ethical Climate

[Speaker] Ni, Ning:1
[Co-author] Tang, Ningyu:1
1:Shanghai Normal University, Shanghai, China (China (People's Republic of China))

A study of voice behavior: Testing the related virtues in Confucian Analects

[Speaker] Yang, Mei-yu:1
[Co-author] Hsu, Chin-tien:2
1:Chihlee University of Techology (Taiwan), 2:Ming Chuan University (Taiwan)

Passion for Work and Career Attitude: The Mediating Role of Work-Family Conflict

[Speaker] Jung, Yeseul:1
[Co-author] Koo, Hyunjin:1, Shin, Yonghwan:1, Sohn, Young Woo:1
1:Yonsei University (Korea(Republic of Korea))

Laboratory simulation of tilt sickness

[Speaker] Ohno, Hisato:1
1:Railway Technical Research Institute (Japan)

Influences of relationship in work, quality of work-life, perception of work justice, job satisfaction, and work progress on work engagement of Thai government officers

[Speaker] Luadlai, Supalak:1
[Co-author] Kangwanpronchai, Pattaraporn:1, Saengwan, Tao:1
1:Chulalongkorn University (Thailand)

Investigation and prevention of secondary damage on companies after the Great East Japan Earthquake

[Speaker] Igarashi, Atsushi:1
1:Fukushima University (Japan)

Links between Planned Happenstance and Occupational Well-Being of Students

[Speaker] Paradnike, Kristina:1
[Co-author] Bandzeviciene, Rita:1
1:Mykolas Romeris University (Lithuania)

Tailoring the Overclaiming Technique to Identify Faking Behaviour: An Experimental Simulated Selection Study

[Speaker] Dunlop, Patrick D:1
[Co-author] Orchard, Megan:1, Austen, Tomas:1
1:School of Psychology, University of Western Australia (Australia)

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