Robustness of the non-change bias in the Monty Hall Dilemma: Even direct instruction to change the first choice did not change the bias

[Speaker] Ebe, Masahiro:1
[Co-author] Imai, Mutsumi:1
1:Keio University (Japan)

Myopic loss aversion or following the with-larger-difference dimension? A heuristic model of risky decision making for both single and aggregated plays

[Speaker] Zhao, Lei:1
[Co-author] Ye, Junhui:2, Jiang, Chengming:1, Hu, Fengpei:1
1:Zhejiang Universtiy of Technology (China (People's Republic of China)), 2:Zhejiang Police College (China (People's Republic of China))

Influence of avoidance behavior on extinction training during memory reconsolidation.

[Speaker] Nitta, Yusuke:1
[Co-author] Takahashi, Toru:1, Haitani, Tomosumi:1, Kawashima, Issaku:1, Usui, Kaori:1, Kumano, Hiroaki:2
1:Graduate School of Human Sciences, Waseda University (Japan), 2:Faculty of Human Sciences, Waseda University (Japan)

The Effect of Spatial Distance on the Base-rate Neglect

[Speaker] Xu, Fuming:1
[Co-author] Li, Ou:1, Kong, Shixiao:1
1:School of Psychology, Central China Normal University; Key Laboratory of Adolescent Cyberpsychology and Behavior (CCNU), Ministry of Education, China (China (People's Republic of China))

The Effect of Temporal Distance on the Base-rate Neglect

[Speaker] Shi, Yanwei:2
[Co-author] Xu, Fuming:1,2, Kong, Shixiao:2
1:Central China Normal University, China (China (People's Republic of China)), 2:School of Psychology, Central China Normal University; Key Laboratory of Adolescent Cyberpsychology and Behavior (CCNU), Ministry of Education, China (China (People's Republic of China))

Cognitive Processes of Posttraumatic Growth in Chinese Culture: A Conceptual Framework

[Speaker] Chim, Kathleen Alias Hiu Man:1
[Co-author] Dubrow-marshall, Linda:1, Eachus, Peter:1, Tang, Andrew Check Wing:2
1:University of Salford (Hong Kong), 2:The Open University of Hong Kong (Hong Kong)

Profile of cognitive functions in adults with Dystrophinopathy

[Speaker] Ueda, Yukihiko:1
[Co-author] Suwazono, Shugo:2, Maedo, Sino:1, Higuchi, Itsuro:3
1:Okinawa International University (Japan), 2:National Hospital Organization Okinawa National Hospital (Japan), 3:Kagoshima University (Japan)

Neural correlates for preventing the production of lexicalization errors in non-word reading

[Speaker] Hashimoto, Ryusaku:1,2
[Co-author] Suzuki, Maki:2,3, Ogawa, Nanayo:2,4, Yokoi, Kayoko:2,5, Endo, Keiko:2, Hirayama, Kazumi:2,5, Mori, Etsuro:2
1:Health Sciences University of Hokkaido (Japan), 2:Tohoku University Graduate School of Medicine (Japan), 3:Kumamoto University (Japan), 4:Nagoya University Graduate School of Medicine (Japan), 5:Yamagata Prefectural University of Health Sciences (Japan)

Age-related reduction of cognitive dissonance

[Speaker] Ito, Ayahito:1
[Co-author] Kawachi, Yousuke:1, Kawasaki, Iori:2, Fujii, Toshikatsu:1
1:Kansei Fukushi Research Institute, Tohoku Fukushi University (Japan), 2:Department of Behavioral Neurology and Cognitive Neuroscience, Tohoku University Graduate School of Medicine (Japan)

Differences in decision making styles between New Zealanders and Japanese in the process of selecting a ski resort

[Speaker] Sayama, Kohichi:1
[Co-author] Gnoth, Juergen:2
1:Otaru University of Commerce (Japan), 2:Otago University (New Zealand)

Phantom effect in dynamical models of multialternative choice

[Speaker] Soma, Masashi:1
[Co-author] Tsuzuki, Takashi,:1, Chiba, Itsuki:1
1:Rikkyo University (Japan)

Impact of Worry on Frontal Lobe Activity in relation to Working Memory in ADHD Students

[Speaker] Amirtham. S, Nithiya:1
[Co-author] Krishnan, Saraladevi:2
1:Assistant Professor, Department of Education, Mizoram University, Aizawl, Mizoram, India- 796004 (India), 2:Associate Professor, Department of Physical Science Education, Meston College of Education (Autonomous), Royapettah, Chennai- 600014, Tamilnadu. (India)

Is Consumers' Purchase Decision-Making Related to Attention on Packaging Logos? : A Case Study of Tea Beverage Packaging.

[Speaker] Mukai, Shioko:1
1:Rikkyo University (Japan)

Contextual Influences on the Orientation and Attention Shifts to the Optimal Choice

[Speaker] Zommara, Noha M:1
[Co-author] Xu, Ji:1, Lauwereyns, Johan:1
1:Graduate School of Systems Life Sciences, Kyushu University, Japan (Japan)

Influences of social distance and accountability in multi-alternative decision making

[Speaker] Kikuchi, Manabu:1
[Co-author] Tsuzuki, Takashi:1
1:Rikkyo University (Japan)

Comparing individuals with and without a migration background using The Reynolds Intellectual Assessment Scales

[Speaker] Gygi, Jasmin T:1
[Co-author] Fux, Elodie:1, Grob, Alexander:1, Hagmann-von Arx, Priska:1
1:University of Basel (Switzerland)

Factor Analysis of the Sinhala Version of the Repeatable Battery for the Assessment of Neuropsychological Status(RBANS).

[Speaker] Paranawithana, Chrishara E:1
[Co-author] Senaratna, Chamara:2, De Jong, Joop:2, Fernando, Arjuna:2, Kathriarachchi, Samudra:2, Mendis, Jayan:2, Rathnaweera, Ramani:2
1:University of Colombo (Sri Lanka), 2:Sri Lanka (Sri Lanka)

The Logic of Cognitive Biases in the Behavioral Decision-Making Process

[Speaker] Domeier, Markus:1
[Co-author] Sachse, Pierre:1
1:University of Innsbruck, Austria (Austria)

The prospect for information predicts curiosity: Exploratory actions driven by expected information gain in asteroid avoidance and word synonym learning

[Speaker] Holm, Linus:1
[Co-author] Wadenholt-ådén, Gustaf:1, Schrater, Paul:2
1:Umeå University (Sweden), 2:University of Minnesota (United States of America)

Neural Correlates to Text-Picture Integration

[Speaker] Li, Songqing:1
[Co-author] Zhao, Qingbai:1, Zhou, Zhijin:1
1:School of Psychology, Central China Normal University (China (People's Republic of China))

Overweighting of the better case scenario in valuation of economic information

[Speaker] Kobayashi, Kenji:1
[Co-author] Hsu, Ming:1,2
1:Helen Wills Neuroscience Institute, University of California, Berkeley (United States of America), 2:Haas School of Business, University of California, Berkeley (United States of America)

Factors influencing differences between useful and useless regret

[Speaker] Ueichi, Hideo:1
[Co-author] Tuya, Kenji:2
1:University of Tsukuba (Japan), 2:RCC Broadcasting Co., Ltd. (Japan)

Experimental study of disturbance in maintaining consciousness

[Speaker] Suzuki, Kimihiro:1
1:Taisei Gakuin University (Japan)

Executive function and emotional facial expression recognition in Parkinson disease

[Speaker] Alonso Recio, Laura:1
[Co-author] Serrano Rodríguez, Juan M:2, Martín Plasencia, Pilar:2
1:Universidad a Distancia de Madrid (Spain), 2:Universidad Autónoma de Madrid (Spain)

The influence of pitch accent on word comprehension

[Speaker] Hata, Wakana:1
[Co-author] Ueta, Ayako:2, Yasuda, Nao:3, Mizuto, Yoko:1, Higashikawa, Mari:1, Ishizaka, Ikuyo:1, Fukuda, Michinari:1,3
1:Kitasato University (Japan), 2:Kitasato University Hospital (Japan), 3:Kitasato University East Hospital (Japan)

N400 or LPC? Neural Correlates to the Processing of NetSpeak

[Speaker] Zhao, Qingbai:1
[Co-author] Ke, Wei:1, Tong, Biao:1, Zhou, Zhijin:1
1:School of Psycholgy, Central China Normal University (China (People's Republic of China))

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