Parenting mediates in the intergenerational transmission of empathy: The moderating role of child gender

[Speaker] Bai, Liu:1
[Co-author] Chen, Yinghe:1, Li, Longfeng:1, Zhang, Xiao:1
1:Institute of Developmental Psychology, School of Psychology, Beijing Normal University (China (People's Republic of China))

Consultation to care staff in infant home and development support for children with special needs

[Speaker] Tanabu, Rieko:1
[Co-author] Sugai, Hiroyuki:1
1:Miyagi University of Education (Japan)

Longitudinal Study on Early Development of Numerical and Literal Notation in Young Children

[Speaker] Yamagata, Kyoko:1
[Co-author] Wakaba, Koike:2
1:Kyoto Notre Dame University (Japan), 2:Kyoto Women's University (Japan)

Developmental Profiles of Finnish Parents' Ability Attributions Regarding Their Child's Successes and Failures in School

[Speaker] Enlund, Emmi:1
[Co-author] Aunola, Kaisa:1, Tolvanen, Asko:1, Lerkkanen, Marja-kristiina:1, Nurmi, Jari-erik:1
1:University of Jyväskylä (Finland)

Age-related changes in psychological well-being in middle-aged and elderly Japanese: a five-year longitudinal study

[Speaker] Nishita, Yukiko:1
[Co-author] Tange, Chikako:1, Tomida, Makiko:1,2, Otsuka, Rei:1, Ando, Fujiko:1,3, Shimokata, Hiroshi:1,4
1:National Center for Geriatrics and Gerontology (Japan), 2:Research Fellow of the japan Society for the Promotion of Science (Japan), 3:Aichi Shukutoku University (Japan), 4:Nagoya University of Arts and Sciences (Japan)

Task performance support for people with intellectual disabilities based on executive functions

[Speaker] Oba, Shigeji:1
[Co-author] Ikeda, Yoshifumi:1, Haishi, Koichi:2
1:Joetsu University of Education (Japan), 2:Saitama University (Japan)

The Comparison of the Commitment to the Person Who Helps Father and Mother with Preschoolers Most in the Childcare Support Center in Japan

[Speaker] Kato, Kuniko:1
1:Kawaguchi Junior College (Japan)

Psychological well-being, parental acceptance, and motivation oriented toward academic goals in Colombian young adults

[Speaker] Castro, John A:1
1:University (Colombia)

Relationship between salivary oxytocin level and generosity in preschoolers

[Speaker] Fujii, Takayuki:1,2
[Co-author] Nishina, Kuniyuki:1, Takagishi, Haruto:1
1:Tamagawa University (Japan), 2:JPSP Research Fellow (Japan)

Relations among Parental Attachment, Separation-Individuation, Self-Discrepancy and Ego Identity Statuses in University Students

[Speaker] Wang, Shuqing:1
[Co-author] Feng, Jing:1
1:School of Education and Psychology, University of Jinan (China (People's Republic of China))

Social Emotion and Social Well-being among University Students:Compensatory and Mediation Role of Belief in a Just World

[Speaker] Sun, Xiao Pei:1
[Co-author] Qi, Ya Hui:2, Xu, Hui:2, Yao, Jinjuan:2
1:Department of eduction College of Tianjiabing Jiangnan University China (China (People's Republic of China)), 2:Department of eduction College of Tianjiabing Jiangnan University China (China (People's Republic of China))

"Kyara" (a Japanese Term for Simplified Personality) and the Multiple Self in Japanese Adolescents

[Speaker] Murai, Fumika:1
[Co-author] Kato, Hiromichi:1, Naka, Makiko:1
1:Hokkaido university (Japan)

The effects of children's externalizing behaviors and mothers' perceptions of fathers' parenting on mothers' coparenting quality and fathers' self-reported involvement

[Speaker] Kato, Michiyo:1
[Co-author] Kamiya, Tetsuji:1, Kurosawa, Tai:2
1:Tohoku University (Japan), 2:Ibaraki Christian University (Japan)

Framework on Life choices by medical students - selection criteria between career and childbirh

[Speaker] Kondo-arita, Megumi:1
[Co-author] Inamoto, Takashi:1
1:Tenri Health Care University (Japan)

The relationship between the mental number line and mapping and scaling abilities in young children.

[Speaker] Uragami, Moe:1,2
[Co-author] Sugimura, Shinichiro:1
1:Hiroshima university (Japan), 2:Research Fellow of Japan Society for the Promotion of Science (Japan)

The historical aspects of meaning in life for university students

[Speaker] Fukuda, Ritsuko:1
1:Nagoya University (Japan)

The difference of factors affecting reactions to parental expectations between Japanese and Estonian university students.

[Speaker] Kasuga, Hideaki:1
1:Ritsumeikan University (Japan)

Effects of trust in parents, expectations from parents, and perception of parents' expectations on university students' achievement motivation

[Speaker] Fukuoka, Yoshiharu:1
1:Kawasaki University of Medical Welfare (Japan)

The relationship among Japanese mother-child conflict, sense of mutual trust, and child's well-being in early adolescence

[Speaker] Hiraishi, Kenji:1
[Co-author] Watanabe, Kenji:2
1:Nagoya University (Japan), 2:Kogakkan University (Japan)

Parent-child interactions and child social competence: longitudinal evidence using the Interaction Rating Scale (IRS)

[Speaker] Anme, Tokie:1
[Co-author] Tanaka, Emiko:1, Watanabe, Taeko:1, Tomisaki, Etsuko:1
1:University of Tsukuba (Japan)

Social skills training including education on information technology ethics

[Speaker] Harada, Eriko:1
[Co-author] Watanabe, Yayoi:2
1:Tokyo University of Information Sciences (Japan), 2:Hosei University (Japan)

Social and cultural influences on parent-child well-being among Black and Latino teen parents in an urban, low-income community: a mixed-methods investigation

[Speaker] Conn, Bridgid M:1
[Co-author] De Figueiredo, Sophie:1, Mankerian, Meray:1, Pelle, Kimberly:1, Ahmed, Harris:1, Sherer, Sara:1, Iverson, Ellen:1
1:Children's Hospital Los Angeles/University of Southern California (United States of America)

Personal Growth Associated with Parenting Children with Congenital Limb Differences

[Speaker] Shiraga, Akiko:1
1:Shinshu University (Japan)

Vygotsky after Vygotsky

[Speaker] Obukhova, Liudmila F:1
1:Moscow University of Psychology and Education (Russia)

The Effects of Attachment to a Companion Animal (Dog) on Self-Esteem in Elementary School Children.

[Speaker] Hamano, Sayoko:1
1:Teikyo University of Science (Japan)

Going-out behavior of young children without their mothers: Longitudinal study from preschool to elementary school

[Speaker] Kojima, Yasuo:1
1:Chukyo University (Japan)

The influence of the youngest child's age on attitudes towards life and death among Japanese adults

[Speaker] Tanaka, Miho:1
[Co-author] Saito, Seiichi:1
1:Kobe University (Japan)

Difficulty reversing ambiguous figures in young autistic children--A comparative study with young typically developing children--

[Speaker] Kudo, Hidemi:1
[Co-author] Beppu, Satoshi:2, Kato, Yoshinobu:3
1:Aichi Prefectural University (Japan), 2:Gifu University (Japan), 3:Nagoya University of Arts (Japan)


[Speaker] Sagnaeva, Tolkyn:1
[Co-author] Berdibayeva, Sveta:2, Aymaganbetova, Olga:2, Orakova, Amangul:3, Naurzalina, Danna:1, Seiitnur, Zharas:2
1:Turan University (Kazakhstan), 2:al-Farabi Kazakh National University (Kazakhstan), 3:Institute of advanced qualification (Kazakhstan)

The conflict which a minor professional group confronts in the collaborative workplace ; Professional identity of Nurses working in Nursery Center

[Speaker] Yamamoto, Chika:1
[Co-author] Sakai, Keiko:2
1:Tokoha Universuty (Japan), 2:Shizuoka University (Japan)

Development of couplehood and parenthood through experiences of miscarriage/stillbirth

[Speaker] Sugao, Shoko:1
[Co-author] Yasumoto, Saori:1
1:Graduate School of Human Sciences Osaka University (Japan)

Qualitative Analysis of the Resignation of Nursery School Teachers: The Crisis at Promotion

[Speaker] Sakai, Keiko:1
[Co-author] Yamamoto, Chika:2
1:Shizuoka University (Japan), 2:Tokoha University (Japan)

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