Influences of aging on odor-evoked autobiographical memory

[Speaker] Yamamoto, Kohsuke:1
[Co-author] Sugiyama, Haruko:2
1:Osaka Sangyo University (Japan), 2:Kansei Science Research, Kao Corporation (Japan)

How patterns of illness perception explain differences in depression and anxiety among long-term breast cancer survivors

[Speaker] Hara, Saaya:1
[Co-author] Takeuchi, Emi:2,3, Ogawa, Yuko:1, Suzuki, Shin-ichi:4
1:Graduate School of Human Sciences, Waseda University (Japan), 2:Keio University Hospital Palliative Care Center (Japan), 3:Consultation, Counseling and Support Service Center of National Cancer Center (Japan), 4:Facutly of Human Sciences, Waseda University (Japan)

Effects of Spatial and Emotional Cueing on Evaluative Decision-Making for Food

[Speaker] Xu, Ji:1
[Co-author] Zommara, Noha Mohsen:1, Lauwereyns, Johan:1
1:Graduate School of Systems Life Sciences, Kyushu University (Japan)

The cognitive factors of motivation in Japanese worker's resilient behavior.

[Speaker] Nakajima, Kensuke:1
1:Obirin University (Japan)

Longitudinal cognitive changes in healthy older Japanese: A preliminary report from ten-year long-term REPRINTS study

[Speaker] Sakuma, Naoko:1
[Co-author] Suzuki, Hiroyuki:1, Ohgami, Yuko:1,2, Otsuka, Shino:3, Ogawa, Susumu:1, Yasunaga, Masashi:1, Fujiwara, Yoshinori:1
1:Tokyo Metropolitan Institute of Gerontology (Japan), 2:Wayo Women's University (Japan), 3:Edogawa University (Japan)

The promoting effect of Qigong exercise intervention and physical activity supervision on the health-related fitness and cognitive function in aging adults

[Speaker] Fong, Dong-yang:1
[Co-author] Kuo, Cheng-yuh:1, Lin, Wei-chung:1, Chiang, Yi-te:1, Wang, Yung-shun:2
1:National Taipei University of Technology (Taiwan), 2:National Yang-Ming University (Taiwan)

The effects of education on the performances of Stroop test.

[Speaker] Nagahara, Naoko:1
[Co-author] Hatta, Takeshi:2, Hotta, Chie:2, Iwahara, Akihiko:3, Ito, Emi:4
1:Osaka College of Social Health and Welfare (Japan), 2:Kansai University of Welfare Sciences (Japan), 3:Wakayama Medical University (Japan), 4:Nagoya University (Japan)

Young children's representation of inter-object relation in spatial reorientation

[Speaker] Zhang, Meng:1
[Co-author] Hu, Qingfen:1
1:Institute of Developmental Psychology, Beijing Normal University (China (People's Republic of China))

The Role of Sensory Function in Processing Speed and Working Memory Aging

[Speaker] Ji, Lingling:1
[Co-author] Peng, Huamao:1, Mao, Xiaofei:1
1:Beijing Normal University (China (People's Republic of China))

Effects of working memory components of older adults on single tapping

[Speaker] Otsuka, Kazunori:1
1:University of Nagasaki (Japan)

Effects of advanced aging on motor imagery

[Speaker] Suzuki, Maki:1
[Co-author] Sekiyama, Kaoru:1
1:Kumamoto University (Japan)

Attentional bias for threat in the first year of life

[Speaker] Nakagawa, Atsuko:1
[Co-author] Sukigara, Masune:1
1:Nagoya City University (Japan)

How do organizations lose their strategic change confidence ? Research on the underminers and destruction mechanism of collective efficacy

[Speaker] Chen, Ying:1
[Co-author] Zhou, Xiaohu:1, Wang, Guan:1
1:Nanjing University of Science and Technology (China (People's Republic of China))

The perception of psychological time by young boys with different self-trust level

[Speaker] Krishchenko, Elena P:1
1:Southern Federal University (Russia)

Behavioral Integration and Task Conflict for Team Creativity: the Mediating Role of Team Reflexivity

[Speaker] Luo, Jinlian:1
[Co-author] Zhong, Jing:1, Zhang, Bo:1
1:Tongji University (China (People's Republic of China))

Toward the construction of a new developmental model explaining children's understanding of external representations

[Speaker] Kimura, Minako:1
[Co-author] Kato, Yoshinobu:1
1:Nagoya University of Arts (Japan)

How are social approach and avoidance motivation influenced by personal networks?

[Speaker] Souma, Toshihiko:1
1:Hiroshima University (Japan)

The inhibition mechanism of social attention requests realistic evaluation

[Speaker] Jingling, Li:1
1:China Medical University (Taiwan)

The attentional bias to attachment name on different priming tasks

[Speaker] Li, Tonggui:1
[Co-author] Wu, Leiyan:1
1:Peking University (China (People's Republic of China))


[Speaker] Job, Remo:1
[Co-author] Sulpizio, Simone:1,2
1:University of Trento (Italy), 2:Fondazione Marica De Vincenzi onlus (Italy)

Conversation While Eating Induces Action Disfluencies

[Speaker] Hirose, Naoya M:1
1:Kyoto Notre Dame University (Japan)

A Literature Review of Hope Theory

[Speaker] Wang, Guan:1
[Co-author] Zhou, Xiao-hu:1, Chen, Ying:1
1:Nanjing university of science and technology, department of economics and management (China (People's Republic of China))

Relationships between Prosodic Features of Speech Sound and Big-Five Personality impressions

[Speaker] Uchida, Teruhisa:1
1:National Center for University Entrance Examinations (Japan)

Cognitive intervention through a training program for picture book reading in community-dwelling older adults: Long-term effects on verbal memory

[Speaker] Suzuki, Hiroyuki:1
[Co-author] Yasunaga, Masashi:1, Sakurai, Ryota:1, Ogawa, Susumu:1, Takahashi, Tomoya:1, Yamauchi, Misako:1, Fujiwara, Yoshinori:1
1:Tokyo Metropolitan Institute of Gerontology (Japan)

Effect of aging on emotional process-related decision-making:Are the older adults less subject to the sunk-cost fallacy?

[Speaker] Du, Xiaoxu:1
[Co-author] Masumoto, Kouhei:1
1:Kobe University (Japan)

Age and gender differences in relationships among emotion regulation, mood, and mental health.

[Speaker] Masumoto, Kouhei:1
[Co-author] Taishi, Nozomi:2, Shiozaki, Mariko:3
1:Kobe University (Japan), 2:Osaka University (Japan), 3:Kindai University (Japan)

Are features of item-stimuli responsible for IAT effects?

[Speaker] Tazumi, Tooru:1
1:Bunkyo University (Japan)

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