Teachers Perceptions of Children at Risk

[Speaker] Martins, Maria José D.:1
[Co-author] Figueira, Ana Cristina:1
1:Polythecnic Institute of Portalegre (Portugal)

The effects of charismatic training style on training outcomes: The moderating role of trainer gender

[Speaker] Bakhtiari, Foroogh:1
1:University (Iran)

Development of the Shared Leadership measurements for School Classes

[Speaker] Ioku, Tomohiro:1
[Co-author] Kugihara, Naoki:1, Uchida, Ryosuke:1
1:Osaka university (Japan)

Life course trajectory: an attempt of empirical modelling of life designing through the adolescence

[Speaker] Khlomov, Kirill D:1
[Co-author] Bochaver, Alexandra A:2, Zhilinskaya, Alisa V:3
1:Federal Institute of education development (Russia), 2:High School of Economics (Russia), 3:Moscow City University of Psychology and Pedagogic (Russia)

The Roles of Culture and Socioeconomic Status in Japanese and American First Graders' Beliefs about School Learning

[Speaker] Yamamoto, Yoko:1
1:Brown University (United States of America)

Is Complicated Birth One of the Early Childhood Traumas? A Framework for Birthing Trauma, its Impacts and Proliferation

[Speaker] Kira, Ibrahim:1
[Co-author] Lewandowski, Linda:2, Chiodo, Lisa:2, Laddis, Andreas:3
1:Center for Cumulative Trauma Studies, Stone Mountain, GA, USA (United States of America), 2:University of Massachusetts, Amherst, MA, USA (United States of America), 3:School of Public Health of the Boston University (United States of America)

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