Social Justice and Historical Repair: The Promise of Culturally Transforming Mental Health Service Systems

[Speaker] Mock, Matthew R:1
1:John F. Kennedy University (United States of America)

Cultural Diversity in Eye Movements is shaped by Nurture not Nature

[Speaker] Caldara, Roberto:1
[Co-author] Richoz, Anne-raphaelle:1, Liu, Yingdi:1, Lao, Junpeng:1
1:University of Fribourg, Switzerland (Switzerland)

Differentiating positive emotions across cultures

[Speaker] Cong, Yongqi:1
[Co-author] Sauter, Disa A:1, Keltner, Dacher:2
1:University of Amsterdam (Netherlands), 2:University of California, Berkeley (United States of America)

Culture Moderates the Relationship between Emotional Expression and Subjective Well-being

[Speaker] Liu, Pan:1
[Co-author] Chan, David:1, Qiu, Lin:2, Kosinski, Michal:3, Stillwell, David J:4
1:Behavioural Sciences Institute, Singapore Management University (Singapore), 2:Nanyang Technological University (Singapore), 3:Stanford University (United States of America), 4:University of Cambridge (United Kingdom)

More than words: An emotion concept in the absence of a lexical category.

[Speaker] Sauter, Disa:1
[Co-author] Le Guen, Olivier:2, Majid, Asifa:3
1:University of Amsterdam (Netherlands), 2:CIESAS, México D.F. (Mexico), 3:Radboud University (Netherlands)

Evalution in the musical impression of Elvis Preley

[Speaker] Katsumata, Yoko:1
[Co-author] Fukuzumi, Noriaki:1, Yamaguchi, Shoji:1
1:Tokyo Denki University (Japan)

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