July 28, 2016 12:50 - 14:20

Perception and Acceptance of Peer Assessment by Students

[Speaker] Graf, Peter:1
[Co-author] Rawn, Catherine:1, Fergusson, Janel:1, Crease-lark, Michelle:1
1:University of British Columbia (Canada)

Learning through play: Using serious games technology to enhance teaching and learning of professional psychology skills

[Speaker] Mcgregor, Gillian:1
1:University of Queensland (Australia)

Stress, fatigue, negative affect and learning: Evidence of fast-cycle adaptation

[Speaker] Van Tonder, Christian L:1,2
[Co-author] Henn, Carolina:2
1:Curtin University (Australia), 2:University of Johannesburg (South Africa(Republic of South Africa))

Morality and Citizenship Outcomes of Service-Learning in Psychology and Materials Engineering

[Speaker] Ochoa, Danielle:1
[Co-author] Manapat, Jill:1
1:University of the Philippines - Diliman (Philippines)

Social anxiety and the implicit approach: The efficacy-studies for developing an intervention for individuals with social-anxiety-symptoms applying the Approach-Avoidance-Task

[Speaker] Srisayekti, Wilis:1
[Co-author] Moeliono, Marisa F:1, Aprianty, Rizqi A:1, Suryanti, Risa:1
1:Padjadjaran University (Indonesia)

Designing and testing a model of some outcomes of challenge and hindrance stressors of employees in an industrial company

[Speaker] Arshadi, Nasrin:1
[Co-author] Danesh, Fateme:2
1:Academic Member of Shahid Chamran University (Iran), 2:student of Shahid Chamran University (Iran)

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