How foreign language influence psychoanalytical supervision: a qualitative research

[Speaker] Yan, Wenhua:1
[Co-author] Shu, Xinyue:1
1:East China Normal University (China (People's Republic of China))

Traumatic bereavement, complicated grief and PTSD: Implications for therpay

[Speaker] Malkinson, Ruth:1
1:University of Haifa (Israel)

A Single Case NIRS (near-infrared spectroscopy) Study on the Client-Therapist Relationship in Sandplay Therapy.

[Speaker] Akimoto, Michiko:1
[Co-author] Furukawa, Keiko:2, Ito, Junko:3, Kubota, Yasutaka:4
1:Toyo Eiwa University (Japan), 2:Kyorin University (Japan), 3:Meisei University (Japan), 4:Shiga University (Japan)

The Characteristics of Counseling Services Based on Qualitative Analysis of the Content of Counseling Sessions at Japanese Language School

[Speaker] An, Tingting:1
1:the University of TOKYO (Japan)

Posttraumatic Stress (PTS)-like symptoms and psychological co-morbidities following relationship dissolution among college students: The role of fear of intimacy and alexithymia

[Speaker] Fang, Siqi:1
[Co-author] Chung, Man Cheung:1, Hanson, Hayley:2
1:The Chinese University of Hong Kong (China (People's Republic of China)), 2:Plymouth University (United Kingdom)

A Grounded Theory of Family Resilience Among Transnational Families of Filipina Domestic Helpers: Narratives of Striving to Commit to Family

[Speaker] Garabiles, Melissa R:1
[Co-author] Ofreneo, Mira Alexis P:1, Hall, Brian J:2,3
1:Ateneo de Manila University (Philippines), 2:Global and Community Mental Health Research Group, Faculty of Social Sciences, Department of Psychology, University of Macau (Macao), 3:Department of Health Behavior and Society, Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health (United States of America)

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