Social representations and uses of pesticides : the case of French farmers and students

[Speaker] Weiss, Karine:1
[Co-author] Zouhri, Bouchra:2, Levasseur, Elodie:3, Valette, Armance:1
1:University of Nîmes (France), 2:Aix-Marseille University (France), 3:Lyon 2 University (France)

The role of age on young children´s pro-ecological behaviours

[Speaker] Collado Salas, Silvia:1
[Co-author] Evans, Gary W:2, Corraliza, José A:3, Sorrel, Miguel A:3
1:Department of Psychology, University of Zaragoza (Spain), 2:Department of Human Ecology, Cornell University (United States of America), 3:Department of Social Psychology, Autonomous University of Madrid (Spain)

Does the mere presence of an opportunity for discussion increase cooperation even when non-participants exist?: an experiment utilizing the "cleaning duty game"

[Speaker] Kitakaji, Yoko:1
[Co-author] Ohnuma, Susumu:1
1:Hokkaido University (Japan)

Not artificial eyes but presence of real person trigger a situational norm

[Speaker] Mori, Yasuhiro:1
[Co-author] Ohnuma, Susumu:1
1:Hokkaido University (Japan)

Science of agency and automation design: Towards a model for effective human-automation interaction

[Speaker] Berberian, Bruno:1
[Co-author] Le Goff, Kevin:1,2, Rey, Arnaud:2, Haggard, Patrick:3
1:ONERA - The French Aerospace Lab (France), 2:Laboratoire de Psychologie Cognitive - CNRS - AMU (France), 3:Institute of Cognitive Neuroscience - University College London (United Kingdom)

Is group relationship important for assembly line workers? The effects of inclusive leadership and perceived insider status on performance and turnover

[Speaker] Wang, Yumei:1
[Co-author] Tang, Ningyu:1, Chen, Chiyin:1
1:Shanghai Jiao Tong University (China (People's Republic of China))

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