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Chairs: Jerome Rossier and Laura Nota
The participants are the following:
1. Prof. Maria Eduarda Duarte
2. Prof. Valerie Cohen Scali
3. Profs. Salvatore Soresi, Lea Ferrari, and Teresa Maria Sgaramella
4. Profs. Christian Maggiori and Jonas Masdonati
5. Prof. ZhiJin How
The rapid technological changes, the phenomena of globalization, the insecurity, the new migrations, the periods of prolonged economic crisis, and much more are under the eyes of all. The Life Design (LD) approach has been devised by an international research group just at the outset of the economic crisis now enveloping the Western world with the aim of providing answers, methods, materials to assist people in coping with important changes in work settings. After a brief presentation of the the Life Design approach, some dimensions and career interventions examples that can help young people and adultswill be presented and discussed. Particular attention will be given to vulnerable people.

"Rebuilding" the difficult future giving meaning to Life design Counseling approach

[Speaker] Duarte, Maria E:1
1:Faculty of Psychology, University of Lisbon, Portugal (Portugal)

Individuals characteristics and well-being at work: The role of professional resources and adverse conditions

[Speaker] Maggiori, Christian:1,3
[Co-author] Masdonati, Jonas:2, Rossier, Jérôme:2,3
1:University of Applied Sciences and Arts Western Switzerland; School of Social work Fribourg (Switzerland), 2:University of Lausanne, Institute of Psychology (Switzerland), 3:Swiss National Centre of Competence in Research LIVES, University of Lausanne (Switzerland)

Career preparedness and adaptability: resources helping adolescents managing challenging times

[Speaker] Ferrari, Lea:1
[Co-author] Sgaramella, Teresa M:1, Soresi, Salvatore:1, Ginevra, Maria C:1
1:University of Padova (Italy)

Transition to Adulthood for Persons with Developmental Disabilities as Joint Projects

[Speaker] Young, Richard A:1
[Co-author] Marshall, Sheila K:1, Stainton, Timothy:1, Curle, Deidre:1, Wall, Jessie:1, Munro, David:1, Zhu, Ma:1, Elbouhali, Asmae:1, Murray, John:1, Parada, Filomena:1, Zaidman-zait, Anat:1
1:University of British Columbia (Canada)

Constructivist dialogues and interpersonal processus recall : two case studies

[Speaker] Cohen-scali, Valérie:1
[Co-author] Robinet, Marie Line:1
1:Cnam (France)

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