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The United Nations' Sustainable Development Goals focus on poverty eradication. Poverty is broadly defined as exclusion, e.g., from access to health care, social participation, and decent work. This symposium focuses on enabling opportunity for inclusion in each of these domains. From work psychology we hear how dual salaries paid to international versus local workers in lower-income settings creates "economic apartheid" and reduced wellbeing, whilst living wages can boost capacity and sustainable livelihood. From global health, management support and supervision have been key elements in retaining and motivating health workers. In community development, NGO services that respect principles of justice, freedom from dominance and respect for identity can enhance sustainable development. From macropsychology we learn how policy development and revision is promoting great social inclusion. Eradicating poverties of opportunity requires term "new diplomacies" (Saner & Yiu, 2012). Discussion will focus on ways forward for applied psychology to foster diversity in harmony.

Macropsychology: The Psychology of Policy

[Speaker] Maclachlan, Malcolm:1
[Co-author] Mannan, Hasheem:2, Huss, Tessy:3, Embong, Abdul Rahman:4, Mji, Gubela:5
1:Centre for Global Health, Trinity College Dublin (Ireland), 2:University College Dublin (Ireland), 3:Trinity College Dublin (Ireland), 4:Institute of Malaysian and International Studies (IKMAS) Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia (Malaysia), 5:Stellenbosch University (South Africa(Republic of South Africa))

Living Wages, Sustainable Livelihood and Poverty Eradication

[Speaker] Carr, Stuart C:1
[Co-author] Maleka, Molefe:2, Meyer, Ines:3, Parker, Jane:1, Arrowsmith, James:1, Haar, Jarrod:1, Jones, Harvey:1, Groothof, Doutzen:3, Barry, Marie-louise:4, Yao, Christian:1, Eastgate, Lindsay:1
1:Massey University (New Zealand), 2:Tshwane University of Technology (South Africa(Republic of South Africa)), 3:University of CapeTown (South Africa(Republic of South Africa)), 4:Christchurch Polytechnic Institute of Technology (New Zealand)

Can NGO services that respect principles of justice, freedom from dominance and respect for identity enhance sustainable development?

[Speaker] Godbout, Jeffrey:1
1:Massey University (New Zealand)

STEM: Supporting, training and empowering managers: A control-design HRM study in Mozambique and Tanzania.

[Speaker] Mcauliffe, Eilish:1
[Co-author] Masanja, Honorati:2, Sidat, Mohsin:3, Team, Stem:4
1:University College Dublin (Ireland), 2:Ifakara Health Institute (Tanzania), 3:Eduardo Mondlane University (Mozambique), 4:Global (Ireland)

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