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Empathetic systems have a pivotal role in cooperative and synchronized behaviors as well as in our understanding of each other, and behaviors related to empathy have been reported in non-human primates and other species. Empathetic systems have an instinctive and adaptive function that promotes the fitness of each animal living in group. This symposium aims to reveal the evolutional process of empathetic systems, by analyzing behavioral characteristics related to empathetic systems, and invited three outstanding speakers; Dr. Hans Hofmann, talking about neural and molecular basis of social cognition using excellent fish model. Dr. Jeffery Mogil, presenting social modulation of emotional contagions in human and mouse model. Dr. Frans de Waal speaking about social complexity in the widest possible sense, reciprocal exchange and cooperation in mammals. These talks will shed the light on "why" and "how" the empathetic systems are functioning and evolved, and will reveal the human unique empathetic systems.
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