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In a process of globalization in every cultural field, the importance of psychology from Asian and African perspectives is growing. The proposed symposium presents a comparative view of parenting and schooling in China, Senegal and Japan from a standpoint of Child Science, an integrative science of children that brings together the natural sciences, humanities and social sciences. Four talks and one discussion will be given; 1) "Parenting stress and social support of young children's parents in P.R.China" by Mei Zhong (Foshan University, China), 2) "Family, community and schooling in Senegal: changing childhoods between traditional and modern education" by Kae Amo (EHESS, France), 3) "Teaching embedded: Cultural practice in Japanese preschools" by Akiko Hayashi (Meiji University, Japan), and 4) "The effect of grandparenting on children's development: comparison of Japan and China" by Cindy Sun (Ochanomizu University, Japan) with Yoichi Sakakihara as a discussant and Juko Ando as a chair person .
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