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The exact relationship between cognition and emotion is becoming an important issue to fully understand the human mind. An example of such effort is seen in a project "Advanced research on logic and sensibility" at Keio University, which was selected among Japan's prestigious global COE programs. The cognition-emotion relation is further complicated due to an increasing fuzzy distinction between "natural" and "artificial" in research of cognition and emotion. This problem was explicitly discussed at an international interdisciplinary symposium on "natural cognition," recently organized by Dolcini Novia. To tackle these problems systematically, speakers of the proposed symposium include researchers who use "area violation" approaches in diverse fields, such as psychology, neuroscience, and philosophy.Tentative speakers: Nevia Dolcini (Macao, China), Mario Piazza (Italy), Toru Shimizu (USA), Youcef Bouchekioua (France/Japan), Yutaka Kosaki (Japan) and Shigeru Watanabe (Japan ).
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