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This symposium proposes a sociocultural approach to memory which aims to challenge some assumptions of this field: 1) memory as reproduction. Drawing on Bartlett's work, Wagoner (Aalborg University) will highlight the reconstructive dimension of remembering 2) memory is about the past. Using the concept of prolepsis, Brescó (Aalborg University) will examine how remembering is a future oriented activity aimed at guiding the present towards certain imagined goals 3) Memory as a mental faculty. Taking the context of the Egyptian Revolution, Awad (Aalborg University) will study memory as a social activity mediated by cultural tools ranging from official discourses to street art. 4) Memory is individual. Saint-Laurent (University of Neuchâtel) will show how the border between the personal and the collective is both permeable and central to people's relation to history. To conclude, Mori (Sapporo Gakuin University) will discuss the contributions the sociocultural approach can offer to the field of memory.
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