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A symposium on the role of the cerebral hemispheres in the realization of cognitive functions is proposed to include in ICP2016. The symposium will feature 3 reports from Russia and 2 reports from Canada. This symposium is the prolongation of the discussion started at the previous Congress. There will be presentations on various aspects of that problem: the individual characteristics of cognition and hemispheric asymmetry, the asymmetry of the emotional brain reactions and its relationship with the genotype, the role of the left and right hemispheres in the choice of motivational strategies, the relationship of the 'inattention blindness' phenomenon with the hemispheric asymmetry peculiarities, the specificity of the 'attention blink' in the left and right hemispheres. After the presentations a general discussion with everybody interested in the subject will be held. The symposium will make it possible to present and discuss new results and to indentify areas for further research.
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