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In the symposium three European panel studies (ELFE, NEPS, and PAIRFAM) are employed to analyze the effect of family on different outcomes of the children. The papers look at children at different times in their lifecycle, namely before, during, and at the end of schooling:
(1) "Effects of the family structures and the family education on the early development of children. First outcome of the French cohort ELFE at one year." by Bertrand Geay and Pierig Humeau.
(2) "Effects of Family Background and the Home Learning Environment on Participation in Extra-curricular Activities from Grade 5 to Grade 7. Results from the National Educational Panel Study of Germany." by Thomas Baeumer and Hans-Guenther Rossbach.
(3) "The Transition to Adulthood in Europe and China: A comparative panel-analysis of the trajectories from school to work, from partnership to parenthood and of leaving the parental home." by Bernhard Nauck and Nicolai Groepler.
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