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Psychology education at Master's level on each continent has common challenges. Session includes key educators from International Council of Psychology Educators and Asian Psychological Association sharing information to improve student learning. Clinical, I/O, and development are examples of masters-level psychology programs around the world. Smooth transition from classroom to workplace, establishing professional identities, stress management, and integrating research are issues spanning all programss. ICOPE Past-President and APsyA founding board member Sherri McCarthy begins the session describing similarities and differences by providing examples of programs she has been affiliated with in Europe, U.S. and South America while contrasting preparation and career paths across continents. Christian Von Tander, who teaches I/OPsy in Africa, presents on enhancing students' coping skills and resilience. Sarlito Sorwono discusses clinical/workplace experiences in Indonesia. Mohammad Rahman talks of developing students' professional identities in Bangladesh. Shirley Morrissey, et al address integrating clinical students into health professions in Australia.
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