≪Organizer Abstract≫
LGBT issues have long been neglected in psychology in Taiwan. The goal of this session is to facilitate dialogues among psychologists and explore emerging issues faced by LGBT people in diverse settings. The first paper "The Lacanian Perspective of Gender in Taiwan: A Critical Overview" critiques the self/other dichotomy based on Lacanian psychoanalytic theory. Next paper "Microaggression Experiences in Workplace of LGB Counseling Psychologists" examines prejudice towards sexual minority. The third paper "Gendered HIV Prevention Policies and Self-Diagnosis of Men Who Have Sex with Men (MSM)" examines how health policies influence gay men's well-being. The fourth paper "Experiences of Group Work Services for Gay Men in a Hospital in Taipei: A Retrospective Reflection" explores challenges in support groups for gay men. Finally, "From Center to Periphery: The Taiwanese Counseling Scenario" critically reflects on current LGBT counseling practices. Overall, these papers will accumulate to the knowledge of LGBT psychology in Taiwan.
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