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The symposium aims to find the core competence of psychologists in task-shifting, particularly in planning and delivering capacity building materials that accordance to the responsibility of Community Health Workers (CHWs) in Indonesia's health services. Recently Indonesia adopts an integrated mental health care by having psychologists working in primary health care. Due to a limited number of psychologists and financial constraint, task-shifting model is proposed by involving existed health cadres or CHWs in mental health care. The discussion will be based on three studies: (1) the study aimed to develop curriculum for psychologists working in Primary Care (Setiyawati; (2) the one that aimed to identify mental health cadres' capacity building need and the standard to deliver the training in Indonesia (Retnowati & Marastuti); and (3) the one that explores health care program managers' perception on the acceptability and feasibility of CHWs to involve in primary mental health care (Surjaningrum,
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