Effects of rapport building strategies and questioning styles on the investigative interview: Part 3

[Speaker] Yamamoto, Shota:1,2
[Co-author] Naka, Makiko:1, Wachi, Taeko:3, Watanabe, Kazumi:3, Yokota, Kaeko:3, Tominaga, Rieko:2
1:Hokkaido University (Japan), 2:Forensic Sci. Lab., Hokkaido Pref. Police H.Q. (Japan), 3:National Research Institute of Police Science (Japan)

The Development of Forensic Interview Method Targeting Non-native Speakers: Review on Utilizing the Japanese Version of NICHD protocol

[Speaker] Habuchi, Yoshiko:1
1:Tokuyama University (Japan)

The mediating role of children's perceptions of parental practices in the relationship between parent-reported feeding practices and children's body mass/diet. A longitudinal follow-up study.

[Speaker] Liszewska, Natalia:1
[Co-author] Luszczynska, Aleksandra:1, Gancarczyk, Anna:1, Horodyska, Karolina:1
1:University of Social Sciences and Humanities (Poland)

Supervisory support, work-to-family enrichment, and emotional exhaustion: The actor-partner interdependence model among married couples

[Speaker] Kao, Shu-fang:1
[Co-author] Lu, Luo:2
1:Department of Applied Psychology, Hsuan Chuang University, Taiwan (Taiwan), 2:Department of Business Administration, National Taiwan University, Taiwan (Taiwan)

Time zone specific difference of association between objectively measured physical activity and psychological distress on weekdays and weekend in workers

[Speaker] Tsuchiya, Masao:1
[Co-author] Umanodan, Rino:2, Hojo, Rieko:1
1:National Institute of Occupational Safety and Health, Japan (Japan), 2:Kyoto Office, Health Wave Co., Ltd. (Japan)

Confirmation of the current status of workplace exchange activities; association with recognition of workplace cohesiveness as well as with motivation for contribution

[Speaker] Nihei, Satoru:1
1:Tap Create Corporation (Japan)

The effect of emotional intelligence on turnover behavior among call center employees: Application of the survival analysis

[Speaker] Nam, Sanghee:1
[Co-author] Chang, Jae Yoon:1, Choi, Hae-youn:2
1:Sogang University (Korea(Republic of Korea)), 2:Korea Counseling Graduate University (Korea(Republic of Korea))

Emotional intelligence, communication capability and employee performance: evaluation consistency between intern and mentor as moderator

[Speaker] Ye, Yujian:1
[Co-author] Wang, Jiayi:1, Zhou, Jiantao:1
1:Hangzhou Dianzi University (China (People's Republic of China))

Tailoring the Overclaiming Technique to Capture Faking Behaviour in Applied Settings: A Field Study of Firefighter Applicants

[Speaker] Dunlop, Patrick D:1
[Co-author] Mcneill, Ilona M:2, Jorritsma, Karina:1
1:School of Psychology, University of Western Australia (Australia), 2:Melbourne School of Psychological Sciences, University of Melbourne (Australia)

The Effect of Social Support, Work Volition and Career Decision-Making Self Efficacy on Career Adaptability: a Self Determination Theory Approach

[Speaker] Kim, Na-rae:1
[Co-author] Kim, Jihye:1, Heo, Kyung Min:1
1:Yonsei University, Department of Psychology (Korea(Republic of Korea))

Ways to Conduct Safety Training and Practical Education for Nurses in Middle-sized or Large-sized Hospitals in Japan

[Speaker] Adachi, Yuko:1
[Co-author] Matsumoto, Tomoichiro:2, Usui, Shinnosuke:3
1:Tokaigakuin University (Japan), 2:Chukyo University (Japan), 3:Osaka University (Japan)


[Speaker] Marc, Laura Simona:1
1:National Intelligence Academy (Romania)

The history of forensic psychology research in japan until 1945: Focus on the area of law

[Speaker] Nakata, Yuki:1
[Co-author] Suzuki, Akito:1, Wakabayashi, Kosuke:1, Sato, Tatsuya:1
1:Ritsumeikan University (Japan)

Estimating residential robbers' criminal records using association rules

[Speaker] Ono, Shuichi:1
1:Forensic Sci. Lab., Yamaguchi Pref. Police H.Q. (Japan)

Intelligent surveillance systems: Measuring acceptance of safety technology in public areas

[Speaker] Kraemer, Teresa:1
[Co-author] Baumann, Carolin:1, Funke, Joachim:1
1:Heidelberg University (Germany)

Development of a program to modify hostile attribution bias

[Speaker] Toda, Mari:1
1:Hokkaido University of Education (Japan)

Examination of the simultaneous auditory and visual stimulus presentation method during the P300-based concealed information test: Using a 1:1:1 target:probe:irrelevant ratio

[Speaker] Hira, Shinji:1
[Co-author] Saragai, Yoko:1, Hamamoto, Yuki:2, Furumitsu, Isato:3
1:Fukuyama University (Japan), 2:Shizuoka Prefectural Police Headquarters (Japan), 3:Hiroshima Shudo University (Japan)

The methods of predicting subsequent crime locations

[Speaker] Yokota, Kaeko:1
[Co-author] Kuraishi, Hiroki:2, Wachi, Taeko:1, Otsuka, Yusuke:1, Hirama, Kazuki:1, Watanabe, Kazumi:1
1:National Research Institute of Police Science (Japan), 2:Shiga Prefectural Police H.Q. (Japan)

Characteristics of Multiple Perpetrator Rape in Japan: Classification by Victim-Offender Relationship

[Speaker] Hirama, Kazuki:1
[Co-author] Wachi, Taeko:1, Watanabe, Kazumi:1, Yokota, Kaeko:1, Otsuka, Yusuke:1
1:National Research Institute of Police Science (Japan)

Factors that affect the combination of victim-offender relationship and offender's criminal history in homicide cases

[Speaker] Otsuka, Yusuke:1
[Co-author] Hirama, Kazuki:1, Yokota, Kaeko:1, Watanabe, Kazumi:1, Wachi, Taeko:1
1:National Research Institute of Police Science (Japan)

who would probably be punished in the future: a retrospective analysis of prisoners' psychological tests results

[Speaker] Li, Yang:1
1:Beijing Mulin Institute of Education and Correction (China (People's Republic of China))

A Cross Cultural Analysis of Anger Rumination and Aggressive Behaviour

[Speaker] Matsunaga, Aska:1,2
1:Kent University (United Kingdom), 2:CNWL NHS Foundation Trust (United Kingdom)

The Work Adjustment Process of the Director of Counseling Division in High School

[Speaker] Chen, Hsuan Yung:1,2
[Co-author] Tu, Su-fen:1
1:Chung Yuan Christian University (Taiwan), 2:The Affiliated Tao-Yuan Agricultural & Industrial Senior High School of National Taipei University of Technology (Taiwan)

The Implementation of A Violence Prevention Parenting Program in Taiwan: Exploring its effect on reducing parenting stress and increasing parent-child interaction

[Speaker] Huang, Yi-ching:1
[Co-author] Fu, Trista:1
1:National Chengchi University (Taiwan)

Assessment of foster and adoptive parenting candidates motivation by means of repertory grid technique

[Speaker] Ryzhov, Andrey:1
[Co-author] Tkhostov, Alexander:1, Pechnikova, Leonora:1, Zhuykova, Ekaterina:2,3
1:Moscow State University (Russia), 2:Institute of Integrative Family Therapy (Russia), 3:G.E.Sukhareva NPC PZDP (Russia)

How Does Communication Technology Use at Home for Work Influence Work-Family Conflict and Quality of Work Life: Based on Job Demand-Control Model

[Speaker] Wang, Zhenyuan:1
[Co-author] Aqury, Imane:2, Duan, Yongjia:2, Sun, Shanshan:2
1:East China Normal University (China (People's Republic of China)), 2:Shanghai University (China (People's Republic of China))

Possibility of mental health screening in a town stricken by the Great East Japan Earthquake

[Speaker] Kawano, Kenji:1
[Co-author] Shiraga, Keisuke:2
1:National Institute of Mental Health, National Center of Neurology and Psychiatry (Japan), 2:Joetsu University of Education (Japan)

Mentally Incompetent Offenders

[Speaker] Berg, Gene N:1
1:Chapman/Brandman University (United States of America)

Undergraduates' view towards nature and safety after 2011 Tohoku earthquake: effects of both geographical distance from the disaster area and the passage of time from the event.

[Speaker] Kino, Kazuyo:1
[Co-author] Ohashi, Tomoki:1, Matsuura, Mitsukazu:1
1:Miyagi Gakuin Women's University (Japan)

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