Trust in organizations, relationship with perceived creativity and innovation

[Speaker] Sánchez, Flor:1
[Co-author] Da Costa, Silvia:2, Páez, Darío:2, Gondim, Sonia:3, Font, Celia:1
1:Universidad Autónoma of Madrid (Spain), 2:University of Basque Country (Spain), 3:Universidade Federal da Bahia (Brazil)

Development of a scale for assessing the mutual-monitoring climate of organizations

[Speaker] Wang, Wei:1
[Co-author] Sakata, Kiriko:1, Sugiura, Hitomi:1
1:Hiroshima University (Japan)

Evaluation of Procedural Fairness and Empowerment in Participatory Policy Development: A case study of four consecutive years of Shimin Tougikai (citizen deliberation meetings)

[Speaker] Maeda, Hiroe:1
1:Nanzan University (Japan)

Psychological aspects of faculty members' professional burnout

[Speaker] Mikheyeva, Anna:1
[Co-author] Syrbayeva, Shara:2, Chernikova, Tamara:3, Utegaliyeva, Bibigul:4, Kussenova, Liliya:4, Shadyarova, Zhazira:2, Aidossova, Zhanerke:5, Naurzalina, Danna:1
1:Turan University (Kazakhstan), 2:Kh. Dosmukhamedov Atyrau State University (Kazakhstan), 3:Volgograd State Socio - Pedagogical University (Russia), 4:Makhambet Utemisov WKSU (Kazakhstan), 5:al-Farabi KazNU (Kazakhstan)

Validity and Reliability on the JSCTA-In-Basket Game

[Speaker] Kato, Shogo:1
[Co-author] Miyamoto, Koki:2, Ito, Hiromi:1, Ito, Ryuichi:1
1:HOSEI University Faculty of Science and Engineering (Japan), 2:HOSEI University graduate school of Science and Engineering (Japan)

Social Network Structure and Interactive Characteristic of Self-managed Teams in Different Developmental Stages

[Speaker] Wu, Tiejun:1
[Co-author] Liu, Dianzhi:1, Yu, Jieting:2
1:Soochow University (China (People's Republic of China)), 2:Zhaoqing Middle School (China (People's Republic of China))

The transactive memory system reduces the sense of busyness in teams

[Speaker] Nagaike, Kazuyo:1
[Co-author] Yamaguchi, Hiroyuki:2
1:Kyushu University, Graduate School of Human-Environment Studies (Japan), 2:Kyushu University, Faculty of Human-Environment Studies (Japan)

Socio Psychological Research of Firefighters' Emotional Burnout

[Speaker] Ganiyeva, Shakhinur:1
[Co-author] Li, Yelena:1, Aymaganbetova, Olga:2, Garber, Alyona:3, Ikhsanova, Dilyara:1, Aimaganbetov, Akhmet:2
1:Turan University (Kazakhstan), 2:al-Farabi Kazakh National University (Kazakhstan), 3:Leipzig University (Germany)

An empirical study on effects of the narratives in the communication on political psychology

[Speaker] Miyakawa, Ayu:1
[Co-author] Takahashi, Yuki:1, Kawabata, Yuichiro:1, Fujii, Satoshi:1
1:Graduate School of Engineering, Kyoto University (Japan)

The Implicit Priming of Altruistic Behavior

[Speaker] Zeng, Tuo:1
[Co-author] Mo, Lei:2, Zeng, Xiang Yan:2, Zeng, Jia Ping:3, Wang, Jin Dao:1
1:School of Education Science ,JiaYing University (China (People's Republic of China)), 2:Center for Studies of Psychological Application, Guangdong Provincial Key Laboratory of Mental Health and Cognitive Science, South China Normal University (China (People's Republic of China)), 3:School of Public Health and Tropical Medicine, Southern Medical University (China (People's Republic of China))

Japanese Employer Concerns toward Hiring and Retaining Workers with Mental Disabilities: Analysis of Free Description Data with Text Mining Methods

[Speaker] Miyazawa, Shiho:1
[Co-author] Sakuma, Naoto:2, Kawamura, Kosuke:1,3
1:Japan Organization for Employment of the Elderly, Persons with Disabilities and Job Seekers (Japan), 2:Graduate School of Humanities and Social Sciences, Chiba University (Japan), 3:Graduate School of Advanced integration Science, Chiba University (Japan)


[Speaker] Turgumbayeva, Aizhan:1
[Co-author] Sarsenbayeva, Lyaziza:2, Naurzalina, Danna:1, Yeralina, Elmira:1, Bayukanskaya, Svetlana:3, Beknazarova, Aiman:1
1:Turan University (Kazakhstan), 2:Abay Kazakh National Pedagogical University (Kazakhstan), 3:Makhambet Utemisov West Kazakhstan State University (Kazakhstan)

Which protective mechanisms are responsible for resilience?

[Speaker] Zizak, Antonija:1
[Co-author] Maurovic, Ivana:1
1:University of Zagreb, Faculty of Education and Rehabilitation Sciences (Croatia)


[Speaker] Yertargynkyzy, Dinara:1
[Co-author] Akhmetova, Gulnas:1, Mukasheva, Anar:1, Algozhaeva, Nursulu:1
1:al-Farabi Kazakh National University (Kazakhstan)

The effects of workplace diversity and inclusive climate on employee morale in Japan

[Speaker] Masaki, Ikutaro:1
[Co-author] Muramoto, Yukiko:1
1:The University of Tokyo (Japan)

Malleability and durability of implicit attitude: The influence of approach and avoidance behavior

[Speaker] Orita, Ryo:1
[Co-author] Hattori, Masasi:1
1:Ritsumeikan University (Japan)

Text-Mining Analysis of Opinions for Exploring Trust toward Infrastructure Investment and its Reasons in Japan

[Speaker] Numajiri, Ryoshun:1
[Co-author] Tanaka, Kosuke:1, Nakao, Satoshi:1, Hsieh, Hsu-sheng:1, Miyakawa, Ayu:1, Kanda, Yusuke:1, Fujii, Satoshi:1
1:Kyoto University (Japan)

Leader-Member Exchange and Work Outcomes: The Role of Self-esteem

[Speaker] Aafaqi, Rehana:1
[Co-author] Ansari, Mahfooz A.:1
1:University of Lethbridge (Canada)

The Multilevel Influence of Micro-openness Foundation on Creativity

[Speaker] Zhong, Jing:1
[Co-author] Luo, Jin Lian:1, Han, Yang:1
1:Tong Ji University (China (People's Republic of China))

Migrant Worker Parents' Marital Quality and Their Migrant Children's Behavior Problems: the Mediating Role of Children's Self-conception

[Speaker] Chen, Li:1
1:Wenzhou Medical University (China (People's Republic of China))

Career Adaptability: A Qualitative Understanding from the Cases of Career Changers in Japan

[Speaker] Saido, Hiromi:1
[Co-author] Yoshida, Junko:1
1:DENKO Corp. (Japan)

Colombian People s Views Regarding Educational Ways about Drugs Consumption

[Speaker] Pineda-marín, Claudia:1
[Co-author] López-lópez, Wilson:2
1:Fundación Universitaria Konrad Lorenz (Colombia), 2:Pontificia Universidad Javeriana (Colombia)

How do the young and old generations of our society cooperate?: An economic experimental approach providing evidence for the overlapping generation mechanism

[Speaker] Fukadai, Mao:1
[Co-author] Inukai, Keigo:2
1:Ochanomizu University (Japan), 2:Institute of Social and Economic Research,Osaka University (Japan)

Predicting the procrastination in employees of modern organization

[Speaker] Svetlana, Ivanova A:1
[Co-author] Valentina, Barabanshchikova V:1
1:Lomonosov Moscow State University (Russia)

The study about the influence that the life event of the woman office worker gives in work ethic and carrier awareness. -From the viewpoint of type of job and age-

[Speaker] Ueno, Yuki:1
[Co-author] Tokoro, Masafumi:1
1:Rissho University (Japan)

The Influence of Perspective Taking on Stereotyping: The Moderation of Need for Cognitive Closure

[Speaker] Sun, Shan:1
[Co-author] Wu, Yang:1, Zuo, Bin:1, Wen, Fangfang:1
1:Central China Normal University (China (People's Republic of China))

The function of career resilience during reality shock: Comparing technical and clerical employees

[Speaker] Kodama, Makiko:1
1:Hiroshima University (Japan)

An effect of reflective opportunities on the changes in protected value

[Speaker] Setiawan, Irwan:1,2
[Co-author] Aoyama, Tsuneyoshi:1, Hatori, Tsuyoshi:1
1:Ehime University (Japan), 2:Hasanuddin University (Indonesia)

Abusive Supervision Perceptions among Filipino Migrant Workers in Macau: Its Consequences for Self-Esteem and Rejection of Heritage Culture

[Speaker] Daganzo, Mary Angeline A:1
[Co-author] Bernardo, Allan B. I:1
1:University of Macau (Macao)

Explicit and Implicit Legitimacy in China

[Speaker] Yang, Linchuan:1
[Co-author] Jiang, Hai:1, Hu, Wei:1, Ma, Hongyu:1
1:Central China Normal University (China (People's Republic of China))

The "Spanish Burnout Inventory" (SBI)

[Speaker] Figueiredo Ferraz, Hugo:1
[Co-author] Gil Monte, Pedro:1, Grau Alberola, Ester:2
1:University of Valencia (Spain), 2:Valencian International University (Spain)

Standing Uncertainty as a Moderator of the Relationship Between Procedural Justice and Legitimacy Judgments

[Speaker] Liang, Juan:1
[Co-author] Ma, Hongyu:1
1:School of Psychology, Central China Normal University (China (People's Republic of China))

The Influence of Different Socialization Agents on Hong Kong Youths' Civic Attitude and Engagement

[Speaker] Wei, Jun:1
[Co-author] Meng, Weikang:1, Lu, Danni:1
1:Faculty of Education, The Chinese University of Hong Kong (Hong Kong)

The Uncertain Duty: The Effects of Priming Rights and Duties on Decision Making

[Speaker] Carriere, Kevin R:1
[Co-author] Moghaddam, Fathali M:1
1:Georgetown University (United States of America)

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