Attitudes toward the Insanity Defense: Examination of the Factor Structure of Insanity Defense Attitude-Revised (IDA-R) Scale in Ghana

[Speaker] Adjorlolo, Samuel:1
[Co-author] Chan, Heng Choon:1
1:City University of Hong Kong (Hong Kong)

Conscientiousness-based biographical scale versus traditional trait-based Conscientiousness scale: Predicting academic performance, academic satisfaction and developmental activity

[Speaker] Schwartz, David:1
[Co-author] Roth, Nitzan:1, Margin, Adi:1, Rab, Hila:1
1:academic college of Tel aviv - Jaffa (Israel)

Social Activities for Entertainment: A New Perspective on the Relationship Between Openness to Experience and Innovative Work Behavior

[Speaker] Gui, Wenjing:1
[Co-author] Yuan, Wenjie:1, Wang, Lei:1
1:Rm.1215-3,Psychology Dep.,Peking University (China (People's Republic of China))

Cognitive ability predicts cyberloafing behavior

[Speaker] Li, Yingwu:1
[Co-author] Peng, Kunxiali:1
1:Renmin University of China (China (People's Republic of China))

Using DISC personality test to predict interview success: Biases and implications

[Speaker] Chang, Yuhsuan:1,2,3
[Co-author] Hsu, Tingyu:1,3,4
1:Yuan Ze University (Taiwan), 2:Innovation Center for Big Data and Digital Convergence (Taiwan), 3:College of Management (Taiwan), 4:University of Minnesota (United States of America)

It Can't Bridge the Gap by Superficial Respect

[Speaker] Chang, Tsz-yi:1,2
1:Dept. of Psychology, Fu Jen Catholic University. (Taiwan), 2:Director, Master Program in Non-Profit Organization Management, Fu Jen Catholic University (Taiwan)

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