Are Spanish workplaces free of discrimination? The case of incivility against LGB employees

[Speaker] Munduate, Lourdes:1
[Co-author] Di Marco, Donatella:1, Arenas, Alicia:1, Hoel, Helge:2
1:University of Seville (Spain), 2:Manchester Business School (United Kingdom)

Effects of support from multiple mentors on women's work performance and work-family conflict

[Speaker] Sakakibara, Keiko:1
1:Toyo University (Japan)

Conflict Interactions in the Filipino Workplace: How High and Low Class Individuals Differ in Conflict Management Styles

[Speaker] Mationg, Marian Mira M:1
[Co-author] Teng, Aldrich Nixon S:1, Viray, Ma. Cristina Rosanne M:1, Yap, Terese Samantha T:1
1:De La Salle University - Manila (Philippines)

Benefits of Temporary Employment Programs in Marginalized Rural Areas of the State of Chihuahua

[Speaker] Ordóñez Parada, Ana Isabel:1
[Co-author] Sánchez Acosta, Luis Rául:1, Flores Morales, Carmen Romelia:1, Hernandez Perea, Jose Juan:1
1:Universidad Autónoma de Chihuahua (Mexico)

Societal discourses of male rape in the context of feminism and patriarchy: Is harmony possible?

[Speaker] Pretorius, Gertie H:1
1:University of Johannesburg (South Africa(Republic of South Africa))

How to get women into engineering? Gendered advertising, STEM subjects and embodied cognition.

[Speaker] Zawisza, Magdalena J:1
[Co-author] Szymkow-sudziarska, Aleksandra:2, Golec De Zavala, Agnieszka:3, Hernández Perea, José Juan:1
1:Anglia Ruskin University, Cambridge, UK (United Kingdom), 2:University of Social Sciences and Humanities, Sopot, Poland (Poland), 3:Goldsmiths, University of London, UK (United Kingdom)

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