Student Reluctance to Choose Early Primary Education Specialization: Pre-service Teachers Perspectives on the Contributing Factors

[Speaker] Farah, Adnan M:1
[Co-author] Kaskaloglu, Esra:1, Brown, Ronald:1
1:University of Bahrain (Bahrain)

Argumentation Skills for Living in the 21st Century: Instructional Methods to Promote the Quantity and Quality of Students' Dialectical Argumentation

[Speaker] Uesaka, Yuri:1
[Co-author] Igarashi, Mika:1, Suetsugu, Rei:1
1:The University of Tokyo (Japan)

The Development of Flipped Classroom Learning Activities for Enhancing Biology Learning Achievement and Scientific Literacy for Grade 10 Students

[Speaker] Vethum, Panuwat:1
[Co-author] Tayraukham, Sombat:1
1:Mahasarakam University (Thailand)

Should I stay or should I go? Reasons and conditions for the retention and attrition of first and second career teachers

[Speaker] Troesch, Larissa M:1
[Co-author] Bauer, Catherine E:1
1:PHBern University of Teacher Education (Switzerland)

Enhancing Well-being and Intrinsic Motivation of Academically At-risk Students through Classroom-based Hope Intervention Activities

[Speaker] Caleon, Imelda S:1
1:Centre for Research in Pedagogy and Practice, National Institute of Education (Singapore)

Supporting the Engagement of Graduate Students and Novice Evaluators: Focus Group Training to Bridge the Gap Among Diverse Participants

[Speaker] Moret, Lauren:1
[Co-author] Morrow, Jennifer A:1, Skolits, Gary J:1
1:University of Tennessee (United States of America)

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