Group cohesion: the measurement and the impact of leader self-disclosure and group norms on it

[Speaker] Fan, Fumin:1
[Co-author] Jia, Xuan:2
1:Tsinghua university (China (People's Republic of China)), 2:University Of International Business And Economics (China (People's Republic of China))

Your Leisure Time is Precious: Correlation Between Perceived Freedom in Leisure and Leisure Satisfaction in Medical Interns in Indonesia

[Speaker] Kristalindari, Mayadha:1
[Co-author] Lovian, Divani A:1, Kurniati, Fadhilah:1
1:University of Indonesia (Indonesia)

The effects of childhood acute lymphoblastic leukemia on neurocognitive performance: a prospective longitudinal case study

[Speaker] Sato, Satomi:1
[Co-author] Takimoto, Tetsuya:1, Fujii, Miu:2, Ishida, Toshiaki:2, Kosaka, Yoshiyuki:2, Dairoku, Hitoshi:3
1:National Center for Child Health and Development (Japan), 2:Hyogo Prefectural Kobe Children's Hospital (Japan), 3:University of Tsukuba (Japan)

Psychological consequences of mastectomy: a preliminary analytical study of 3 Senegalese women

[Speaker] Diop, Ismahan S:1
[Co-author] Kasse, Abdoul A:1
1:University Cheikh Anta Diop DAKAR (Senegal)

Development and validation of an Occupational Mental Health Scale for Chinese teacher

[Speaker] Li, Yuan:1,2
[Co-author] You, Xuqun:1,2, Wang, Zhenhong:1,2, Li, Ying:1,2, Lan, Jijun:1,2, Tu, Jinlu:1,2, Ji, Ming:1,2, Yan, Bihua:1,2, Ju, Chengting:1,2
1:Shaanxi Normal University (China (People's Republic of China)), 2:Shaanxi Provincial Key Laboratory of Behavior and Cognitive Neuroscience (China (People's Republic of China))

Predictors of job satisfaction and intention to quit in Psychotherapy Training

[Speaker] Schladitz, Sandra:1
[Co-author] Druege, Marie:1
1:University of Education Freiburg (Germany)

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