A Qualitative Analysis of Personality and Transformational Leadership Traits of Diplomatic and Administrative Officers

[Speaker] Wan Sulaiman, Wan Shahrazad:1
[Co-author] Halim, Fatimah Wati:1, Omar, Fatimah:1, Muhammad Hafidz, Sarah Waheeda:1, Che Kassim, Arena:1
1:National University Malaysia (Malaysia)

Informal Leadership Behavior in the Presence of Formal Leadership Hierarchies - The Impact of Leadership Motives and Activity on Leadership Perceptions in Teams

[Speaker] Cook, Alexandra:1
[Co-author] Krauth, Jan F:1
1:Technische Universität Chemnitz (Germany)

The effect of working conditions on salivary cortisol secretion and the moderating role of personality traits.

[Speaker] Parent-lamarche, Annick:1
[Co-author] Marchand, Alain:1
1:University of Montreal (Canada)

The moderating role of emotional intelligence in the relationship between core self-evaluations and career success

[Speaker] Khademi Ashkzari, Moluk:1
[Co-author] Piryaei, Salehe:2, Khademi Ashkezari, Ezzat:3
1:Alzahra University, Tehran, Iran (Iran), 2:Alzahra University, Tehran. Iran (Iran), 3:Rehah University, Tehram, Iran (Iran)

Assertiveness and leadership: clarifying the construct of dominance

[Speaker] Palmer, Carolin:1
1:Justus Liebig University Giessen (Germany)

Developing Professional Training for Psychologists: Challenges, Opportunities, and Possibilities from Cyprus

[Speaker] Karayianni, Eleni:1
[Co-author] Karekla, Maria:1, Panayiotou, Georgia:1
1:Department of Psychology, University of Cyprus (Cyprus)

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