Change in job insecurity and depressive symptoms among automobile sales workers: A 7-year follow-up study in South Korea

[Speaker] Kim, Seung-sup:1,2
[Co-author] Kim, Yugyun:1
1:Department of Public Health Sciences, Graduate School of Korea University (Korea(Republic of Korea)), 2:College of Health Sciences, Korea University (Korea(Republic of Korea))

The conceptions and actions of mental health of the professionals members of the teams of the "Support to the Health of the Family" (NASF) from Fortaleza/Brazil

[Speaker] Lima, Aluisio F:1
[Co-author] Lima, Stephanie C F:1, Santos, Beatriz O:1, Sena, Kilson:1, Lima, Brigia S A:1, Felix, Thiago S:1, Castro, Emanuel M A:1, Lisbao, Yuri M:1, Holanda, Renata B:1, Benigno, Gabriela G F:1, Oliveira, Pedro R S:1
1:Universidade Federal do Ceara (Brazil)

Personal Wellbeing in a National Charity Institution. Workers Attitudes and beliefs

[Speaker] Demicheli, Guido R:1
[Co-author] Infante, Alvaro E:1
1:Universidad de Valparaiso (Chile)

Does disapproval hurt? Experience of medical benefit application among firefighters injured on the job and its association with depressive symptoms in South Korea

[Speaker] Yoon, Seohyun:1
[Co-author] Kim, Seung-sup:1
1:Department of Public Health Sciences Graduate School of Korea University (Korea(Republic of Korea))

The role of mental health in mediating the relation between stress and smartphone addiction among Korean adolescents

[Speaker] Sung, Lihyo:1
1:Women Migrants Human Rights Centre (Korea(Republic of Korea))

The Influence of Parents Attitudes and Perceived Norms on the Behaviour of Restricting Childrens Screen Time

[Speaker] Russell, Douglas:1
1:Middlesex University Dubai (United Arab Emirates)

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