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This Symposium chronicles the ways in which psychologists have been and are being organized across the wider Caribbean, encompassing English-speaking, Spanish-speaking, French-speaking and Dutch-speaking countries and territories in the region. Psychologists from member countries of the newly formed Caribbean Alliance of National Psychological Associations (CANPA) will address the challenges of working across languages, cultures, geographically disparate distances, time zones, and professional orientations. The ambitious goal of building unity in our diversity is the hallmark of the fledgling organization. Presenters will comment on the unique aspects of psychological work in their country, with a comment on the role of CANPA in helping to build psychology locally and in the Caribbean. CANPA is seen as a microcosm of the challenges faced in building psychology worldwide. The intent of the symposium is to inform and engage the audience in addressing the challenges and opportunities in building regional and international psychology.
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