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Consumption of non-nutritive sweeteners (NNSs) has increased over the past 30 years and NNS are found in a variety of foods. NNSs consumption, often as substitution for sucrose, is tied to behavioral and physiological changes including overeating and metabolic syndrome. Symposium presenters will review both basic and clinical findings from their laboratories indicating that, indeed, NNSs are not simply substitutes for the sweet taste of sucrose. Jeff Grimm will describe the "incubation" of sucralose craving in rats and the effect of sucralose consumption on sucrose craving. Kenjiro Aoyama will present data regarding the incubation of saccharin craving including initial psychopharmacological characterization of a role for dopamine D1 receptors in saccharin craving in rats. Susan Swithers will present findings regarding potential negative consequences of NNSs on metabolism in rats and humans.
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